Monday, September 7, 2020

[SG] Chic-A-Boo - Delicious Fried Chicken by Astons

We have always been loyal supporters for KFC for their fried chicken despite there are other competitive outlets. Just a couple of days, we finally found another chicken specialty store that taste as good or if not better than our all time favourite. 

Chic-A-Boo is actually a chain of restaurants by Astons offering fresh and tender chickens, set meals, burgers, bites and sides at affordable value bundle price. Currently, they have 5 outlets located at Marina Square, City Square Mall, Singpost Centre, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Viva Business Park.

I love the variety on the menu which has the option of set meals and ala carte. More side dishes variety to go with our set and more beverage choices. Plus, there are specials like Pot Pie, Baked Rice/Pasta and small bites if we like to have more add-ons or try other dishes if we like to give fried chicken a miss.

We went to the outlet at Singpost Centre and despite the smaller seating space, it did not deter continuous flow of customers waiting patiently to enter or for their take away orders.

You can pick the preference of your chicken to be spicy or non-spicy when ordering at the counter. The spicy version was too hot for non spicy takers like me and my girl. I must say the portion of the chicken  set is big and even a 2 piece meal is definitely filling for hubby and my growing teens.

Meanwhile, I was pondering which side dish to pick from the 12 choices. I like that we have a choice of salad, corn, coleslaw and chicken soup for a healthier pair with the set meal.

I ordered Mayo Chicken and it was really delicious! Crispy hot chicken with 2 tomatoes, 1 cheese slice, lettuce and creamy mayo. The portion is big and my tummy was fulled after finishing the burger. 

We love pot pies and ordered one to share.

Love the softer bread (while still having a bit of crisp) and the creamy filling of chicken, peas, carrot, corn within the bread bowl.

Enjoying our meal

Not sure how we did not notice Chic-A-Boo by Astons but we will definitely be back again to try out the other dishes on the menu! 


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