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Healthy Açaí Bowls by The Acai Lab - Review

From Circuit Breaker and now 2 months into Phase 2, we have been staying home most of the time. Spending more time online to get the latest news updates, happenings & trend and shopping. 

Best in Singapore thus also become another rising platform for us to check out the top deals, promotions and services in the areas of lifestyle, food & beverages and technology in Singapore. 

Recently, Best in Singapore shared the Best 7 Acai Bowl delivery in Singapore and we are again delighted to review The Acai Lab which is among the top in the list. 

What is Acai?

Did a bit of research online and learn that açaí are drupes (grapes look alike) - commonly known as açaí berries. The dark purple berries are grown on açaí palm trees in the rainforests of Central and South America and is said to be loaded with antioxidants that help to build the immune system. As they have short shelf life, açaí berries are often made into purées, smoothies, juices. 

Since these power berries (pronounced as "Ah-Sai-Ee") are imported from distant countries, the price of açaí berries are more expensive.

The Acai Lab source their açaí from the Amazon Rainforest. Their açaí bowls are organic, gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly and preservative-free. 

The signature PurpleBlend Acai base comprises of mostly fresh açaí berry puree complemented with other purple superfood. Almond milk and bananas are also added to give it a creamy, light and fresh base.

There are 5 Specialty Acai Bowls that you can pick from 

- Signature Açaí Bowl
- Tropical Açaí
- Berry Berries
- Fruity Delight
- Nutty Nature

You can choose to top up for more add-ons - Drizzle, Superfoods, Summer fruits. 
Their nutrition information are also published on the website for customers to reference.

Source: The Acai Lab

You can also DIY and customise your own Açaí Bowl tailored to your liking. Mix and match your favourite toppings and pick a drizzle of preference (honey, peanut butter or nutella). There are two sizes to pick from - medium/large.

If you like to enjoy the freshness of the açaí on its own, fresh açaí puree is also available in pints (Medium: 300g , Large: 473g). You can make your own açaí bowl anytime with your own toppings at the comfort of your home.

This is the first time we are trying out the açaí bowls and am glad that there are deliveries straight to our home. The Acai Lab's delivery hours is from 10am to 11pm with free delivery for orders above $40. We received our orders on time and our açaí bowls are fresh and nicely packed. 

The açaí bowls look colourful with loads of fruits and nuts topping

Berry Berries : Special Mango-Açaí blend with granola, blueberries, raisins and almonds
Tropical Açaí : Açaí with Pineapple, banana, mango, raisin, walnut, cranberries, chia seed and coconut flakes

Nutty Nature : dried fruits, berries, nuts, fresh cut kiwis and bananas, blueberries
Signature Açaí : açaí with granola, banana, strawberry, kiwi, raisin, pumpkin seed, chia seed, cranberry and coconut flake

Honestly, after giving the Açaí Bowls a good mix, the dark purple blend may not look as appealing as before. But after taking a spoonful of the açaí puree mixed with the assorted fruits and nuts, we were pretty surprised by the wholesome taste each bowl has to offer. A refreshing, chilled delight fused with a tint of sour and all-natural sweetness. Taste a bit like yogurt on a sweeter end. It got a bit addictive and we ended up finishing the bowl in a swift.

We ordered medium bowls and it is about the size of my palm.

Have not tried açaí and interested to grab a bowl? Check out The Açaí Lab

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The Acai Lab

Best in Singapore

* Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and The Acai Lab. Food Styling Photos are credited to Owari Photography. Acai Bowls are complimentary. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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