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Taiwan Trip Day 14 - Taipei (台北) | Cycling in Tamsui (淡水)

14 December 2018

After spending our morning exploring Beitou, we took the train to Tamsui. Tamsui (淡水) is located at the northern part of Taiwan and a beautiful spot for viewing sunset. Easily accessible via MRT (Red Line) to reach the north coast from the city central. There are many things you can do here which makes it a popular spot for tourists.

3pm: We have been to Tamsui a couple of times and this time, and this time we decided to do something different - Biking. Found a Bicycle rental shop that is not too far away away from the train station and the rental rates are reasonable too. We spent NT500 for the rental of 4 bicycles.

3:15pm - Setting off from here to Tamsui Old Street!

The view along the riverfront is gorgeous!

The waterfront area is one of the best spot for viewing sunset over the Tamsui River.

If you have more time, you can take a ferry across to Bali (八里)

There are many cafe and shops along the boardwalk selling snacks, food, clothing, accessories etc. We often stop our ride when we spotted an interesting snack.

Music fills the air as performers sang by the riverbank and we had a treat of uplifting Christmas songs. 

Our cycling route from Tamsui Old Street back to Bicycle Rental Shop

4:10pm - We continued our ride to 紅樹林 station (About 3km). We could have rode further towards Golden Riverside Cycling Path (金色水岸自行車道) which was another 5km away.  But alas, the sun is setting and we have to make a U-turn back at Hongshulin to Tamsui Station.

Scenic views along our cycling route.

MRT whizzing pass us as we cycle along the track. 

Beautiful Maiden grass (芒草) patch at 淡水河紅樹林自然保留區, It seems to glow as the sun setting rays shines upon it. Would really love to walk in to have a look if we had more time.

The route from Tamsui to Hongshulin is relaxing with some steeper slopes. I have to get down from the bike and push my way through as I don't have the stamina compared to the children. Thankfully, they are always waiting for me to catch up.

As the sun is setting, we have to make our way back to return the bicycles. Would love to be back again and explore longer cycling routes on our next trip to Tamsui.

Tamsui Old Street
Address: Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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