Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Stay Home Cooking Ideas - Home Cooked Meals for Family #1

I only started picking up cooking randomly about a year ago and only know how to make a few simple basic dishes - like fry an egg or heat up a can of sardines etc. Hence when Covid-19 strikes, and we are staying home, I realised I have to cook almost every day for my family.

To make things more challenging, I need to plan what to get from the supermarket for the week to reduce our trips. I started taking photos of the ingredients I needed to prepare a meal and also keep track of cost.

I try to keep to very basic ingredients - so for the first week, it is mainly cabbage, potatoes, chicken, carrots, canned food and eggs. Managed to come up with some different variations and keep our tummies full.

#1 - Stir fry Cabbage, Chicken Stew

#2 - Stir fry Cabbage, Curry Potato with Chicken & Carrots, Sunny side Eggs

#3 - Stir fry Xiao Bai Cai,  Potatoes, Braised Chicken

#4 - Stir fry Cabbage with Enoki Mushroom,  Steamed Rabbit Fish, Luncheon meat & Potato in Tomato Sauce

#5 - Stir fry Cabbage with Carrots,  Omelette, Sesame Ginger Chicken

Feel shy to post about home cooking as I am an amateur in this area. But thought it will be a nice memory to look back when the pandemic is over and I can keep track of what I have been dishing out during this period. Am still learning how to cook and will make use of this time to pick up and improve on a new skill - Cooking.

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