Friday, March 20, 2020

Sushi Delivery Singapore - Delivering Sushi right to your Doorstep

We are a big fan of Japanese cuisine particularly sushi, sashimi and salmon! At times we have the craving but were too lazy to head out to the restaurant. With the recent coronavirus outbreak in the community, we prefer to have meals at home instead of dining out.

Hence, we really appreciate to have our comfort food delivered fresh right to our doorstep. 

Sushi Delivery Singapore is newly launched in early 2020 and it offers Sashimi & Sushi, Bento & Bowls, Appetizers & Sides as well as Party Sets.

Whether it is for individual or family lunch/dinner or hosting a party group, there will be something on the menu online to suit your needs. Food is nicely packed and delivered within the hour. I appreciate that they separate the hot and cold dishes and the food delivered is warm / fresh. Sushi Delivery Singapore is also generous in giving ginger slices and wasabi to compliment our meal.

Let's take a look at some of their menu items!

Hana Maki - 5 pieces ($14.90) > Our personal favourite! Salmon slice is thick, fresh and juicy compliment with the creamy Japanese mayonnaise and flying fish roe (tobiko)!! Definitely my top pick! 

Salmon Aburi Maki - 8 pieces ($15.90) > We LOVE Salmon sushi/sashimi hence this has to be our next favourite item! Crunchy Japanese cucumber and tamago wrapped within and topped with aburi salmon slices in mentaiko sauce.

Avocado Maki - 8 pieces ($10.90) > Initially I thought the children would not like avocado maki but surprising this is among the first to be in their tummies.

Samurai Unagi Aburi Maki - 8 pieces ($15.90) > Unlike the usual Unagi Maki, be delighted with the extra slice of cheddar cheese and mentaiko sauce on top of the unagi slice! 

Tamago Maki - 1 roll ($3.90)

Unagi Don ($15.90) > If you are looking out for a heavier meal, check out the bento & bowls selection. I appreciate the generous slice of nicely grilled unagi which is topped with onsen egg, cucumbers and pickles. 

Surprisingly, the quality of the sushi and rice bowl is on par with what we have in the restaurants. Freshness is not comprised and we get to enjoy delicious sushi at the comfort of our home! Their bento sets look really appetizing and value for money too - Chicken Karaage Set Bento for $10.90 / Pork Cuttle/ Saba Shioyaki/ Salmon Teriyaki Set Bento for $12.90 now! Ordering online is simple, easy and quick. No delivery charge if your orders exceed $60!

We had an awesome dinner for the night!


Free delivery for orders above $60. 
A delivery charge of $5.90 for orders below $60.
Delivery Time: 10am - 2am

* Disclosure: Sushi and Rice bowls are complimentary from Sushi Delivery Singapore. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received.

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