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Where to stay in Taipei (台北) - Taipei H imperial Hotel (台北亚太H帝国)

We stayed in Taipei M Hotel back in 2016, 2 years later, we decided to stay in Taipei H Imperial  Hotel. I believe both hotels are under the same management (ECFA group) as we see many similarities in terms of the interior design, and layout of the rooms.

Why did we pick Taipei H Imperial instead of M hotel? Primarily for its strategic location as the hotel is located directly opposite to Taipei Main Station while Taipei M Hotel is still a short walking distance away. The room is also rather affordable as we paid ~SGD548 for our 4 nights stay in Taipei (~SGD137 per night).

Officially opened in December 2017, many travelers find it hard to spot Taipei H Imperial as there is no prominent sign to indicate the hotel location. Taipei H Imperial is actually the brown building between Caesar Park Hotel and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越).

Upon reaching Taipei Main Station, whether you are coming from the railway train or MRT, take Exit Z2 from the underground mall and you will see the building. There are 27 floors in the building with 8 elevators shared among other business occupants. Taipei H Imperial occupies the 7th, 8th and 11th floor of the building only.

Z2 Exit from underground station

Taipei Main Station is directly opposite. When the night falls, you can see the pretty lights from the station.

Upon arrival, take the lift up to the 11th floor first - this is where the hotel lobby is located for you to proceed with check-in/check-out. You can see the lobby upon exit from the lift. Please note that the lift may only go to certain floors. Do keep a look out before entering.

Hotel Lobby with 2 MAC computer stations for guests.

On the same floor, behind the lobby, you will find an open air green space/atrium with lawns and seating. This space is where the washing machines and dryers are located. At one side of the atrium are drink stations (accessible 24 hours) and in the morning, you can enjoy free flow of bread and coffee/tea.

The ambiance is pretty cool in the night. If you feel stuffy in the room, can come and sit around for some fresh air.

The swing is always a favourite spot.

Washing machines and dryers are located on the left side of the atrium which is FREE for guests to use. Based on our previous experience with Taipei M Hotel, we had NO chance to use the facilities as the machines were always in used! You need to have a bit of luck if you like to have your laundry done before taking your flight home. We did not have much luck at Taipei H Imperial and only managed to wash our clothing once. Hubby and I ended walking to a laundromat which is about 10 minutes walk away to dry our clothing.

Complimentary Laundry Service is available from 6am - 10pm

Free toast, coffee and beverage machines through the day. There are also water dispenser available with hot and cold water.

We will be staying on the 7th floor, hence from 11th floor, we took the lift DOWN instead of the usual up! The corridors have dark wall papers with blue lighting. There are water dispenser place at different section of the floor.

Each floor has MANY rooms and the corridors are LONG!

We booked a family room - no window with 2 Queen beds. Compared to the similar room in Taipei M Hotel, this room is slightly smaller with lesser walking space.

Despite the smaller room, basic amenities are provided. Hairdryer, safety box, mini-fridge, water flask and even a cosmetic mirror for ladies.

We also have a space to place all our luggage and bags at the corner of our room.

Bathroom is small but it is fitting for one. Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are provided. 
View of the toilet from the shower area.

Shower area 

We had a pleasant stay at Taipei H Imperial. There are lots of good food around the hotel and hence we are happy to have a quick toast before heading out for more food. The room is a little small for our sizes but it is neat and clean.

Summary Notes:
- Free Wifi
- Air-condition
- Window view - depends on room type
- Flooring - Carpeted
- Water Flask - available
- Safety Box - available
- Hair Dryer - available
- Phone - available
- Mini Fridge - available

- Bath towels are provided
- Bath tub not available (depending on room type)
- Combined Toilet and Shower room
- Hot shower available.
- Disposable toothbrush/toothpaste/comb provided

Taipei H imperial Hotel (台北亚太H帝国)
Address: 11F, No. 50, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road Zhongzheng District 100 Taipei

Stayed in Dec 2018

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