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Taiwan Trip Day 10 - Kaohsiung (高雄) | Dream Mall (统一梦时代购物中心) | Kaohsiung Eye (高雄之眼)

10 December 2018

Day 10 - Taiwan Itinerary (Kaohsiung)
1) Breakfast - Jia's Inn
3) Dream Mall (梦时代购物中心)
4) Lunch - 争鲜
5) Dragon Tiger Pagoda (龍虎塔)
6) Lotus Pond (蓮池潭)
7) Dinner - Habour Restaurant (漢來海港)
8) Formosa Boulevard Station (美丽岛站)

11:15am - Traveling around Kaohsiung is really convenient as it has a developed metro and light rail system. You can either get an IPASS (一卡通) or EASY CARD (悠遊卡) and hop onto the public transport to get you around easily.

From Pier-2 Art Center, we took a light rail to C5 - Dream Mall Station (梦时代站) which takes us straight to Dream Mall (统一梦时代购物中心). It was our first ride and we got a little confused initially as there are card readers at the platform and inside the train. Some passenger tap before entering while others tap when they are in the train.

After much observation, we figured either ways work and you only need to tap once for the ride. Passenger do not need to tap again upon alighting.

Along the way, we get a sneak peek of 85 Sky Tower (高雄85大楼) - the tallest building in Kaohsiung standing at 378m tall. It used to be the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan until the completion of Taipei 101.

There is an observation deck on the 74th floor which offers spectacular panoramic views over Kaohsiung city and the harbor. Ticket price is NT250 per adult which means it will cost us NT1000 for the view! Hence we decided to give it a miss and admire the building from beneath.

Dream Mall (统一梦时代购物中心)

Dream Mall was officially opened in 2007 and is the largest shopping complex in Taiwan, comprising of 2 basement levels, 9 top floors and a rooftop amusement park. The multi-functional complex has food & beverage, fashion, home & living, cinema, recreation all house under one roof.

1245pm - There are a variety of food within the shopping mall but we decided to dine at Sushi Express (争鲜), Taiwan's biggest conveyor belt sushi chain restaurant. Back home, we are frequent diners of Sushi Express, hence we wanted to try and see what it has to offer in Taiwan.

Lots of variety of sushi on the conveyor belt and we had our satisfying load of salmon sushi. Still taste as good.

We spent some time walking around the complex but found more interest in the Ferris Wheel or Kaohsiung Eye (高雄之眼) at the roof top. 

Ticketing price for the Ferris Wheel ride is NT150 per adult. There was a promotion going and we managed to get a discount and paid NT135 per ticket as we spent more than NT500 for our lunch at Sushi Express.

Managed to squeeze all in for a shot in the cabin 

Its pretty funny that we did not get to view the city skyline from 85 Sky Tower but ended up in Dream Mall's Sky Wheel, at a fraction of the height, price and time.

360 degrees view of Kaohsiung city and habour from the top. The whole ride took about 15 minutes.

It should be a pretty sight at night as the neon lights on the Ferris Wheel will be lighted and you get to catch a glimpse of Kaohsiung city lights. (Not forgetting is much cooler too compared than in the day).

Apart from the Ferris Wheel, there is also a Dinosaur Discovery Park with interactive dinosaurs that move and shriek. This zone has kiddy rides that is catered more for the younger children. It was pretty quiet when we visited on a Monday afternoon which means no queue crunch at all.

Dream Mall (统一梦时代购物中心)
Address: No.789, Zhonghua 5th Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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