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Hotto Potto Hotpot (锅の物语) @ Taman Mount Austin [JB]

Hotto Potto (锅の物语) is a new hotpot/steamboat restaurant that has opened in Taman Mount Austin - a bustling downtown area of ​​Johor Bahru early this year. Diners can expect to enjoy their hot pot in a nice cooling environment of 18°C, plus the hotpot buffet here has individual pots where you can choose your preferred soup base. Alternatively, it you have a group of 4, you can also choose a big pot for sharing.

It is definitely welcoming to step into a cooling air-conditioned restaurant especially under the all year round hot summer weather. The ambiance is cozy and I love the brightly coloured hotpots which have pretty designs imprinted that are so pretty to look at.

It is also pretty spacious within the restaurant and diners have space to move about comfortably to get their hotpot ingredients.

Neat table setting in Hotto Potto. Everyone has their own pot and utensils.

There are 8 different soup base you can choose from - Clear, Laksa, Tomyam, Herbal, Mala, Pepper, Tomato, Pork Broth. Personally, I think the Laksa, Tomyam and Pork Broth are pretty good! 

Image source: Hotto Potto

An order form for each table for certain seafood and meat selection

Families with younger children, there is also a small play space at the corner of the restaurant to keep them entertained.

In case you feel that the temperature is too cold, Hotto Potto also provide jackets for diners.

Let's check out what's available at Hotto Potto.

A quick glance and we can find more than 50 hot pot ingredients which includes assorted meat, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, noodle, homemade dumplings, dessert and more! All are neatly placed inside the fridge for freshness and you can get a clear view of what's within.

Hotto Potto also has nice vegetable bowls that are pre-packed. Alternatively, you can also pick and select your own preferred greens.

At the center of the restaurant, there are as many as 20 sauces/ingredients to choose and for you to mix and make your own sauce for your hotpot.

Under the cooked food section, you can find assorted dishes which change from time to time. 


Pork Katsu

Finger food and fried chicken

Availability of drink bar and dessert is very important in every buffet. It compliments our meal experience and I always love to have hot and cold drinks while dining.

Assorted seafood on our platter - scallop, cuttlefish, prawns, peeled prawns, oyster meat, squid ring, abalone slice and fish fillet!

Assorted meat slices are our main highlight as we are meat lovers - we generally go for pork and beef slices which are great for hotpot!

I like the idea of having our own individual pots particularly my daughter and I cannot take spicy food very well compared to the man in the family. This gives us the option to pick our own preferred soup base that is to our liking. We can also pick our own ingredients for our own needs and reduce wastage of food.

While it looks very appetizing to see a table filled with food, the only inconvenience that I find is also the limitation of space to place our food, sauces and drinks on the table. Thankfully, the empty plates are cleared fairly quickly.

A cup of tea, some desserts, fruits and finally ice-cream is what I love to complete my meal. 

Mix of vanilla and matcha ice-cream 

Hotto Potto Price Menu

We spent RM192 (~SGD64) for our family of 4 to dine at  Hotto Potto. That is less than SGD20 for each pax which is a very worthy deal. Children below 6 years old gets to dine for free and there are various pricing for early bird, student and member price. Periodically, Hotto Potto also launch promotional deals and you can check their Facebook page for updates.

For the Month of August 2019, Dinner hotpot buffet for 4 pax is at RM150 Nett! That is a really a good deal not to be missed. You may need to come early as tables are hard to get during peak hours.

Address: No.17, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Tebrau, Johor

Visit Date: June 2019

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