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Our Baking Projects @ Love Fun Baking House (Taman Mount Austin) [JB]

Back in December 2016, we noticed a baking house at a corner unit among the row of shop houses in Taman Mount Austin. Thankfully we entered the shop and fall in love with the DIY baking activity! Since then, we have become frequent customers and from patrons we become friends and we always feel at home going back to visit.

A simple baking project can start from RM30 and children as well as adults can join in! You do not need to have any baking experience as step by step instructions will be provided and help or guidance from the staff is always available. Plus, you get to bring home what you have baked! A family friendly activity NOT TO BE MISSED!

Since our first visit, we have went back countless times and spending hours baking and enjoying the fruits of our labour. This is also one of the most effective way for our kiddos to be away from their mobile device and focus on baking. Each time, the children feel more confident and now they are very independent and are better at reading and following the instructions. The end product also taste as good as it looks!

Here are some of the baking projects they have been into so far. 

June 2017

Hokkaido Cupcake - RM55

Chocolate Brownie - RM45

Mille Crepe - RM80
One of the hardest project our boy took up. He spent nearly 3 hours and although the outlook didn't turn out to be how it was suppose to be, the taste is absolutely delicious!

September 2017

Our boy is always up to take up the challenge to try different types of baking project. After his 'failed' mille crepe, he decided to go for Caramel Cremebrulee

Caramel Cremebrulee - RM35

After observing how the children were having fun baking, I also got tempted and had my first bake too! Not bad hor for first timer.

Lemon Pie - RM45

December 2017

Another tough baking project from our boy which did not turn out as well as it should look. But it was a good attempt!

Matcha Chocolate Macaroon - RM65

Towards Christmas, we also love to go bake to immerse in the festive season.

Our girl baked donuts and she decorated with cream afterwhich.

Another 3 hours spent to bake this! Just in time for Christmas!
Christmas Wreath Cake - RM98

March 2018

Still baking in 2018 :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie - RM50

Strawberry Swiss Roll - RM60

June 2018

Matcha Cake Pudding - RM60

Tiramisu - RM98

Every bake is really the hard work of their labour. So much difference compared to the ones we bought from the shelf.

The friendly staff can definitely do a much better baking job! At times when we are lucky, we get to try some of their bakes too!

Cut-out Cookies - RM35

Love Fun Baking House also have seasonal menu for special occasions. Check out their website for updates! Do drop by for some baking fun next time if you are in Taman Mount Austin!

Love Fun Baking House (爱烘焙聚乐部)
Address: 31 & 31 - 01, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru 
Opening Hours: 1030am - 9pm (Closed every Monday)

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