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Hours of Fun @ Lakeside Garden (Jurong Lake Gardens)

Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore's third national gardens following Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay has opened its first phase (Lakeside Garden) to the public last month after many years of anticipation.

Lakeside Garden, the first national garden in the heartlands, occupied 53-hectare at the western section of the 90-hectare Jurong Lake Gardens. It includes Forest Ramble, a play area with 13 different adventure zones, Water play at Clusia Cove, Boardwalk, Grasslands area and wetland trails that takes visitors nearer to nature.

We easily spent more than 2 hours at Lakeside Garden and below is a glimpse of what you can look out for.


By Car:
There are two car parks along Yuan Ching Road (Opposite Tah Ching Road and Tao Ching Road)/
We parked our vehicle at the North Carpark, opposite Tah Ching Road.

Alight at Lakeside MRT Station and take a 5-10 minutes walk to the garden.

By Bus:

  • 49, 154, 154B, 240, 246 stop along Yuan Ching Rd 
  • 180, 335 stop along Boon Lay Way (5 min walk to Lakeside Garden) 
  • 30, 49, 154, 154B, 178 stop along Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) (2 min walk)

More information -

There are basically 7 key areas
1) Clusia Cove
2) Forest Ramble
3) Garden House
4) Rasau Walk
5) Neram Streams
6) Passion Wave @ JLG
7) ActiveSG Park


Forest Ramble - a biophilic nature play space for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Inspired by nature, the play elements encourage children to mimic the actions and motions of animals that inhabit freshwater swamps forests, common in Jurong Lake area. There are a total of 13 different adventure elements for children to explore at Forest Ramble. Let's check them out!

Operating Hours: 8am - 10pm (Tuesday to Sunday), Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays

#1 - Butterfly Play

Swing freely like the butterflies fluttering in the gardens. This is my favourite spot as and you can pick from different types of swing. Whether it is a single swing or duo rope swing, sea-saw swing or circular basket swing, there will definitely be one that fits you.

Tired already? You can rest on the hammocks if the sun is not too hot! Further ahead, you can admire the beautiful lake view of Chinese Garden.

Interesting display of 'Gong' along the waterfront.

#2 - Heron Play

There are 2 zip line gliders that children can soar like a Grey Heron from one platform to another. 

At the other end of the platform, proceed on to climb up the wooden logs that looks like nests.  Complete the course by climbing your way up, cross the netted bridge and make your way down.

#3 - Snake Play

Slitter through the slide like the snake. While most of the slides allows you to slide down, there is actually a climbing tube where you are climbing your way up to the top of tower!

Climbing tube with handles within to aid your climb up.

#4 - Squirrel Play

Our girl thought this should be bunny play but you actually need to balance yourself on the wooden log, bounce and display a series of good balancing and motor skill like the agile squirrel to complete the course. 

Test of your balancing skill. How fast can you move to get to the end?

Another see-saw log.

#5 - Monkey Play

Swing around and traverse the canopy of nets and ropes like the monkeys! Consisting of various heights, it is suitable for children of various ages to try their hands on it.

#6 - Otter Play

Pump the water out and enjoy splashing around like the smooth-coated otters.

#7 - Frog Play

Hop and leap like the frog from one lily pad to the other. 

#8 - Crab Play

Scattered around the wooden crates which resembles the crabs' underground cove and popping your head up to sneak a peak outside, mimicking a crab popping out of their sand hole.

#9 - Adventure Bridge

Boost your courage and cross the log bridge. Our girl tried to make it more challenging for me by shaking the bridge while I attempted to cross it with my mobile device and camera in my hand.

#10 - Ant Play

There is an Ant play zone but we did not spot it on the day we visit. There are actually blue foam blocks similar to Kaboodle where it ignites children's creativity to build the structure together like the busy ants.


Further ahead from Forest Ramble, we moved on to the Logs Trail. Made from materials recycled from Rain Trees and Senegal Mahogany trees, The untreated wood logs are held together to form a serious of adventure path of different elevations. Many has come to take beautiful pictures with the logs instead.


We walked pass the Gardenhouse towards the Grasslands. Loving the wide greenery space with tall grasses. Great spot for photo-taking and there is also a shelter in the bird hides to observe the wildlife. It can be rather dark as sun sets. Visitors are advised not to enter after dark as there are no lights in the nature area.

Climb up the small hills and check out the view from atop.

We missed the instagrammable tree - maybe next time.


Clusia Cove is a 3-hectare closed-loop water recycling system that treats water naturally for use at the water play area (tidal play pool and sand play). There are toilets, water coolers and water dispenser near the water play area.

Operating Hours: 8am - 7pm (Tuesday to Sunday), Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays

Children can experience water movements that mimic tidal patterns, surface ripples and directional currents similar to those at coastal shores by interacting with the levers anf gates in the knee deep pool.

Children can get their sand playkit and build sandcastle here. There are also surrounding plants where we can take shade/shelter from.

Due to time constraint, we were not able to complete exploring the Lakeside Garden even after 2 hours! Expect to spend at least half a day here if you wish to check the area more. It can get pretty hot even in the mornings hence do make sure to apply your sunblock and keep yourself hydrated. Thankfully, water coolers can be located at various spots around the garden. 


Rasau Walk - a meandering boardwalk that brings visitors closer to the water's edge along Jurong Lake and enjoy the dense variety of plants that thrive along the freshwater habitat. 

Neram Streams - Get close to the shallow waters of the streams consisting of a series of naturalised waterways in an undulating landscape.

Passion Wave @ JLG - Offers an array of water sports activities (Operating Hours: 9am - 6pm, Tue to Fri, 8am - 6pm, Sat & Sun, Activity charges apply)

ActiveSG Park - Operated by SportSG, near to the South Carpark, there is actually an indoor gym and outdoor lap pool within the gardens! (Operating Hours: 7am - 10pm daily, admission charges apply)

Hope to be back again the check out the other areas.

Address: Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 

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