Monday, April 15, 2019

Cheotnun Korean Dessert Cafe @ JP Perdana [JB]

Singapore or Malaysia... weather is really HOT all year round. Hence, we really enjoy having a cooling dessert in between our meals. Cheotnun Korean Dessert Cafe (2nd outlet) was opened in JP Perdana in the 3rd quarter of 2018. The other shop is in Kim Teng Park which is much further ahead from City Square JB. Both outlets seems a little inconvenient to get to and its easier to take a cab/grab to get to both outlets.

Cheotnun Korean Dessert Cafe (JP Branch)

Seating outside the Cafe - Many sit here and chill out in the evenings. 

Cozy interior - there is a piano in the cafe and if you are not too shy, you can play a tune or two while waiting for your dessert.

Despite its location, Cheotnun is quite popular for its Bingsu (Shaved ice dessert). There are more than 10 flavours to choose from (Strawberry, Milk Tea, Chocolate, Greentea, Coconut Oreo and even Coffee!) Apart from Bingsu, there is also rice dish, finger food and toast.

We picked Mango Bingsu - one of their most popular bingsu in the house at RM26.80 (~SGD9) for all to share. It is a pretty big bowl good enough for our family of four to share. Fresh and big chunks of sweet mango pieces within the bowl plus almond flakes, raisins and my favourite vanilla ice-cream scoop on top! We have tried a few bingsu in Johor Bahru and this is definitely one of our top favourite to date!

Mango Bingsu - A refreshing dessert bowl to have.

It is a few minutes drive away from Taman Mount Austin and we will definitely be back again to try out more bingsu and their other dishes on the menu.

Cheotnun Korean Dessert Cafe
Outlet 1 Address: JP PERDANA - No 8, Showhouse Jalan Persiaran Jaya Bandar Jaya Putra 81100 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.5745375, 103.7743949
Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm (Mon - Fri), 12pm - 11pm (Sat, Sun)

Outlet 2 Address: 62, Jalan Tebrau, Kim Teng Park, Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm (Tue - Sun)

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