Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Breakfast at Gerai MFR - Bukit Chagar [JB]

Many times to avoid the jam on the causeway, we will start driving in as early as 5ish in the morning. Crossing the custom and reaching Johor Bahru before 7am is a norm. Thankfully there are a few shops already opened for breakfast to fill our empty stomach.

Near to JB CIQ is a stall selling delicious roti prata and nasi lemak. We have been there once in 2013 and it has been so many years since we re-visited! We often drive pass this stall on our drive back to Singapore but did not stop by. Not too sure if Gerai MFR is the name of the stall but it seems to be more commonly known as Roti Prata at Bukit Chagar. You won't miss the big yellow signboard and long queues started to form in the early mornings as well as during lunch hours.

We arrived at 6:40am and the owners of the stall are still kneading the prata dough and making preparations to start the day.

By 7am, we have piping hot food on the table. 
5 plain prata, 4 egg prata, 1 onion egg prata, 1 curry chicken for RM12.  Only RM1 for each prata! That is definitely so worth the queue. 

Plain Egg Prata

Egg Prata

Curry Chicken Drumstick

While the roti prata are good, I actually love their Nasi Lemak (RM6) more! Particularly the crispy fried chicken wing which is so tasty!

Gerai MFR
Address: Junction of Jalan Bukit Chagar and Jalan Tenku Azizah
GPS: 1.4678433, 103.7643735
Visited : Jan 2019

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