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Review - W EYExperience with WOptics

We often say "The eyes are the windows to the soul". The human eye is a vital organ which plays an important role to give us the sense of sight, connecting us to the surroundings. As parents, we are very concerned with how our children's eye conditions are progressing but oddly, we tend to overlook  ourselves - and our eyes.

Hubby and I are over 40 years old and have been wearing glasses for more than 20 years. We go for  our health screening regularly once we hit the 40 mark, but our eyes being an important part of our body, should not be forgotten and should require regular eye care and checks as well.

Do you know that as we age (especially aged 40 and above), our eyes are more susceptible to eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy which may not have any symptoms in the early stages. Hence, regular eye examination is essential for early detection and effective treatment.

Hubby and I have been wearing our current pair of glasses for more than 1.5 years and you know it is time to change your glasses when you are squinting and your lenses are scuffed or scratched. We are excited to visit W OPTICS - Suntec City outlet to make our new pair of glasses and have our eyes examined!

W Optics offers eye examination that is tailored to an individual's lifestyle and vision needs.  The
EYExperience - is a comprehensive 30-minute eye examination (SGD 80) that takes the patient through a battery of six tests, which includes 5 clinical grade equipment. This latest service demonstrates W Optics commitment in placing customer's eye health first and foremost. Customers are advised to book an appointment prior to visiting to avoid disappointment. Hubby and I arrived earlier than the designated time, hence we explored the store while waiting for our eye examination.

W OPTICS SUNTEC CITY - Stepping into the 5000 sq ft flagship store located at #01-400 (West Wing), I was pretty impressed by its bright, spacious and cozy layout. Customers will be spoiled for choices with the myriad of vision solutions brands available to pick from. 

There are sofas at the back of the store for customers to rest while waiting to be attended to. It also acts as a forum space for holding public talks! 

Kids' Corner is a dedicated space for the younger ones where they can interact with the interactive wall visuals and learn about myopia and how to keep it under control. W Optics is one of the few optical retail chains in Singapore to offer myopia control services for children in its Myopia Control Centre, located at this flagship store.

Customers can also check out the various lens solutions available to suit their needs and consult with an eyecare professional. 

Essilor Nautilus VR Experience - Experience the different effects of lenses through augmented reality. This is only available at Suntec City store, which, unlike traditional optical stores, offers experiential and interactive zones. They also have another area called the VR Vision Studio.

W EYExperience

We did not wait for long before our assigned optometrists welcome us warmly. W Optics optometrists have an average of 14.7 years of job experience with the longest tagged at 31 years. I was examined by a senior optometrist who has about 30 years of experience in the field.

First, our current spectacles are checked and personal particulars noted down. 

History taking is important and essential as the optometrist checked on our eye condition, medical history and life-style.

What are the 6 Tests of the W Optic's Comprehensive Eye Examination and what it does?

1. Objective & Subjective Refraction
2. Vision Function
3. Amsler Grid
4. Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy
5. Tonometry
6. Fundus Photography

Objective Refraction - checking the eyes for auto refraction and perform Keratometry reading to measure corneal curvature.

Subjective Refraction - we proceed to another room where we were asked to read from a Snellen Chart and a series of questions were directed at us, coupled with the optometrist trying on different combination of lenses to get the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA). Throughout the process, the optometrists were patient and detailed as they check for myopia/hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, pupillary distance and dominant eye.

The optometrists were approachable and patient in answering my queries.
I was worried that I am developing presbyopia (老花眼) already as I was not able to see the smaller prints at reading distance. Thankfully, the optometrist only mentioned that my myopia condition has not escalated even though there is a slight increase in astigmatism.

Hubby has already developed presbyopia and needs to do more checks.

Vision Function - checks for squint eye, lazy eye and colour deficiency

Amsler Grid - helps to test for macular degeneration. Consult your eye care professional if you spot holes/blurry spots or if the lines appear wavy, distorted or broken when you focus on the black dot with one side of the eye covered.

Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy - this instrument examines our eyes for abnormalities, aiding in checking contact lens fitting, cornea integrity, dry eyes, anterior chamber angle, eye lids condition and crystalline lens health (cataract).

Tonometry - this instrument checks for eye pressure (Intraocular pressure) by administering a puff of air into each eye. The reading is important as it helps to evaluate if we are at risk of glaucoma or vision condition. Having too high or too low range is not normal!

Fundus Photography - Based on the photograph of the interior surface of my eye, the optometrist checks on my retina and macular health. Good news that my eyes are still in good state of health!

We took more than 30 minutes (~ 45 to 60 mins) to complete our comprehensive eye examination! Hubby and I were impressed by the professionalism of the optometrists who made the entire process smooth and swift. Along the way we had queries but they were all patiently answered and explained. Through this eye examination, I have also gained more knowledge and awareness on which is my dominant eye and how is the condition of my eyes/vision.


After our eye examination, the optometrists provided us with optical solutions suitable for our visual needs. As I spend a fair amount of time on digital screens, Crizal Eyezen is the most beneficial in protecting my eyes by filtering out the harmful blue light and relax my eyes in front of screens, helping me to see more clearly and comfortably. 

Hubby, on the other hand, needs progressive lenses as he has presbyopia. Varilux® X series is currently Varilux's best progressive lens allowing you to seamlessly capture every detail within arm's reach or beyond with high precision. It allows spectacles wearers to enjoy the sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far. Hubby is looking forward to enjoy perfect vision regardless the distance.

We were hesitant when it comes to choosing the right frame and this took a lot of time! It was already rather late into the night but the optometrist and the staff were very patient and did not rush us.

We were looking at STEALER Eyewear - an upcoming Korean brand offering stainless steel and titanium glasses to give an industrial and modern look. 

We have been wearing rectangular frames for ages and this time we did a switch and picked round frames instead. Hopefully we still look young and good! 


After about 2 weeks, we received a text message informing us our glasses are ready for collection! We headed down to W Optics and am happy to try out our new glasses! I thought Hubby looks cuter with his new frame.

I think the round frame softens my look and makes me look more gentle and approachable. 

We were awed as it has been so long since we had such clear vision! The surroundings appear brighter and sharper. I can even read the smallest letters (N5) at reading distance with ease! 

The optometrist helped us with the final adjustments needed for our glasses: we were prescribed the Varilux X Track + Crizal Transition Lens - it even comes with a card to test how sharp our vision had became!

Thank you W Optics for the wonderful experience and the very much needed optical solution to improve our lifestyle!

W Optics have several outlets around Singapore. Check out their website for more details.

W Optics
Suntec City Store
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-400, Suntec City, S038983
Instagram: @woptics
Official Hashtags: #WOptics, #WEYExperienceSG

* Disclosure: We were provided with comprehensive eye examinations and spectacles for review purpose. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received.

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