Monday, May 21, 2018

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - BaDouZi Station (八斗子車站) + EcoPark

Apart from the usual tourist spots, we love to explore places that locals go, that is out of the tourist radar. I am extremely thankful that our driver took us to BaDouZi (八斗子車站) which was not open yet when we visit in Nov 2016. This station is extremely beneficial as it makes travelling to National Museum of Marine Science and Technology easier. Plus, there are parks and many scenic spots around and along the coastal line that makes the trip here worthwhile.

Sunset in Taiwan is pretty early (~5pm). Hence, when we arrived at 4pm, we only had about an hour to explore the area. We stopped by Badouzi Station and sat by the rail tracks. It is indeed a scenic spot to admire the coastal line by the station.

To get a closer looks of the waters, we crossed the road and walked to the beach. There are many rocks and you can pick one to stand on or sit. 

Leaving our footprints here. :)

Further ahead is an eco park (潮境公園 & 復育公园). Apart from the breathtaking view, there are also many art installations that you can find. What attracted us was the multiple broomsticks that reminded us of Harry Potter instantly. The park is also a favourite spot for kite flying.

No flying broomsticks , but you can find jumping children and adults.

It appears Denver is taking off too! 

From here you can also have a good view of Jiufen. Stunning view and really a great place to be at sunset.

Ice-cream treat for everyone before we leave.

Bus services is available if you plan to travel on your own.

We arrived too late and did not get to check out the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. Seems like an interesting place and if you are interested, check out the website:

You can have a good view of Keelung Mountain (resembling a chicken coop - in Chinese 'Ji Long')  from here. Rising 588 meters from the sea and made up entirely of igneous rock, it was once a mound of lava rising toward the earth's crust when it neared the seafloor about a million years ago. Cooled and hardening into the rock of the mountain.

Gorgeous view of Keelung Mountain and Jiufen within the mountains at the backdrop.

Another art installation (like a fish) at the park.

The sun is setting and we have to make our move to our final destination for the day - Keelung Night Market.

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Visited in Nov 2016

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