Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - CingJing Minsu 黃慶果園民宿 - 庭園四人房

During our stay at CingJing (清境), we decided to stay with 黃慶果園民宿 because on the good reviews. True enough, we were warmly welcomed and the staff took good care of us during our 2 nights stay. I was having a very bad leg pain (probably due to an over-strained muscle) and the staff offered me a heat plaster to relieve my discomfort. I did felt much better before checking out of the minsu.

As for the rooms, I love the natural wood furnishing which makes me feel like I am within a tree house. It was cozy and relaxing. We chose to stay in Sunshine Room (陽光四人房) on our first night and switched to Courtyard Room (庭園四人房) on our second night.

庭園四人房 is more pricey - NTD4700 (~SGD215) as it comes with a bigger room, courtyard and bathroom (with bathtub facilities). This is the most expensive room we have ever booked on an oversea trip! Price aside, we had a good rest after returning from an early morning sun rise tour.

The children were tired after an early wake up call so it was great that they can catch some rest before we head out for our walk.

Courtyard at the back of our room which comes with a BBQ pit and outdoor seating area.

View of the courtyard. (Level 2 not inclusive)

I LOVE the bathroom as it has a huge window overlooking the courtyard. It is relaxing and rejuvenating to just soak within the warm waters in the tub and let my body and mind rest. 

View of the bathroom

Children enjoy their baths too!

We can see the setting sun from the courtyard and rising sun from the comfort of our room window.

Every morning, we look forward to have our breakfast as 黃慶果園民宿 serves delicious food to start our day. 

The porridge is one of the best we ever had and though the side dishes are simple, they all taste awesome! 

Reception area - where we first entered. There are toys, books, DVDs where you can borrow and spend some family time together in the night.  Am missing the friendly hosts and warm laughter here. 


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Summary Notes:
- Free Wifi
- Window view (depends on room type)
- Flooring - Wood
- Water Flask - available
- Hair Dryer - available
- Phone - not available
- Mini Fridge - not available

- Bathtub available
- Bath towels are provided
- Combined Toilet and Shower room
- Water Heater available.
- Disposable toothbrush/toothpaste provided

Address: 南投縣仁愛鄉大同村仁和路217-3號

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