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Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - CingJing Farm (清境农场)

Our visit to CingJing Farm (清境农场) was probably the children's favourite destination throughout our 8D7N tour in Taiwan. After checking in to 黃慶果園民宿, free transportation service was provided to drive us to CingJing Farm.

Entrance of CingJing Farm

Map of CingJing Farm

Entrance ticketing price list to enter Green Green Grassland

Do note that there is Equestrian (horse) and Sheep show at designated timings. Hence, do check out the schedule to avoid missing them.

Horse Show : 10.45am and 15.45pm (Daily)
Sheep Show : 09.30am and 14.30pm (Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays & Summer and winter vacation (except Wednesday)

Since we were at Green Green Grassland on a weekday, we missed the sheep sheering show. Nevertheless, the gorgeous scenic view and the free-roaming sheep on the green green grassland made up for our disappointment.

Even though it was the month of late November and standing at 2000 meters above sea level, the temperature is pretty warm. Thankfully, with the sunny weather, we have a clear panorama view of the mountains and grassland. The air is fresh and the grassland is HUGE! Herds of sheep were grazing around everywhere, without boundaries!

Children get plenty of opportunities getting up close to the sheep and feed them. (Note: Feeds for the sheep is available for purchase at various sheep food dispenser machines around the grassland ~ TWD$10). The sheep are gentle and very accustom to having close interactions with humans.

We made our way to the stage area to catch the Equestrian Show starting at 10.45am. The better seats were already taken but we managed to get a shady spot. It was a astonishing performance put up by the performers as they displayed many applauding stunts while riding on the horse.

Lots of photo-taking opportunities at Green Green Grassland.

View of the mountains from the top.

Be prepared to walk a lot at CingJing Farm as there are slopes and you have walk up and down quite a bit. Apart from feeding the sheep, we also took on the 487-Step Trail (步步高昇步道) - the downwards path of course (as my legs were hurting since Day 2). I was actually pretty confused as it was also all the 499-Step Trail, but in fact, it was only 487 steps. After researching online, Taiwanese believe 9 is a lucky number and 99 symbolizes prosperity and hence padded the name.

At the beginning of the trail you can also spot the bronze statue of ex-president Chiang Kai-shek.

The trail by the stairways is beautiful! You get up close view of the mountain trees, and I can imagine how pretty it will be during autumn. 

Hubby at the bottom of the stairways. You can always take up the challenge to climb up 487 steps at your leisure pace back to Green Green Grassland. 

We walked down as we were hungry and decided to have lunch at Carton King and visit Small Swiss Garden before returning to CingJing Farm again. By the time we finished our lunch, my legs were in greater pain and we are very thankful that the transport from our minsu drove us back to CingJing Farm again.

View of Green Green Grassland in the afternoon.

Maybe it was a weekday, hence there isn't a big crowd.

The children loves feeding the sheep and we bought a few packets for them to have some close interactions with the furry animal. 

The sheep are very smart and they follow where the food goes. If you have the box in your pocket, they will get close to it very quickly!

We walked to the open field where more sheep are grazing on the grassland. Beware of where you are stepping as there are poops around. :)

The children are busy surrounding the sheep and getting them together.

They managed to 'attract' a brown one. 

Family photo at Green Green Grassland

CingJing Farm is a great place for children and adults to visit. It was indeed a wonderful experience to see the sheep roaming freely and our kiddos had so much fun. It was a pity we did not manage to catch the sheep shearing show, but we brought back many fond memories, pictures and happiness. We spent almost a day at the Farm and till now the children still speak fondly of it and that they would love to return and re-visit.

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CingJing Farm (清境农场)
Address: No.170, Renhe Rd., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: 8am - 5pm

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