Thursday, September 14, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - Sinkansen (新干线火车餐厅)

Taiwan is a beautiful country. Apart from exploring its stunning scenery, we also checked out their themed restaurants (主题餐厅). We are really thankful that our guide brought us to Sinkansen (新干线火车餐厅) for lunch last November. As I was drafting my super delayed post, I found out that it has stopped operations since April 2017. It was a pity as we really enjoyed our meal which tasted like home and its surrounding greenery and quiet serenity.

Let's take a look around at Sinkansen.

Cute banner at the entrance

Sinkansen started when the owner's father who is a big fan and lover for trains bought 4 discarded train cabins back. Many laughed and teased at his acts back then. With much determination and hard work, the family transformed the train cabins into a restaurant and homestay. After more than a decade, it is sad to see this unique restaurant going into history.

A resting area where the seats and tables are taken from the train.

The children had fun pumping water (not something that you can find in Singapore)

Outside view of the restaurant and homestay. 

Interior view of the train restaurant. 

We embarked on a journey to Taiwan and felt like we are taking on another ride into Sinkasen's history. 

Sinkansen's Menu

We ordered set meals which comes with dessert and drink.

Our set meal was served in traditional tingkat containers and each layer looks surprisingly appetizing. Base layer was rice, followed by a tray of mixed vegetables and sausage with egg, a container of meat(varies depending on meal choice) and also a container of soup.

Take a closer look at the mixed vegetables and you can tell its fresh and I already feel like home. :)

Gladys picked the fish set and it looks delicious too

My chicken set meal. 

Our dessert of the day. Forgot to ask what this is but it is sweet and refreshing.

Each set meal is about TWD320-340 inclusive of one dessert and drink which is about SGD15. Serving was good and we were very full after our meal. 

Will truly miss this place and hope that there will be opportunities to see it back in operation once more. 

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新干线火车餐厅 - CLOSED 
(Stop operations since April 2017)

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