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Review: IQ-EQ Programme @ People Impact Singapore


Apart from attending tuition classes for academic improvements, our girl has not participate in other enrichment programs that focuses on both cognitive and socio-emotional skills. Hence, when we were invited by People Impact for Gladys to attend a trial lesson, we readily took it on with lots of anticipation.

People Impact provides intelligence training to children and has since developed 5 different certified programs tailored for children from 0-18 in Asia. Its program focuses on enhancing soft skills and their IQ-EQ programme is conducted through a series of fun and interesting learning activities.

~ creativity, logic, linguistics, memory skills

~ leadershop, time mangement and coping skills

~ develop strong critical thinking and reasoning powers to face the daily challenges and how to complete tasks productively. People who can think out of the box with multiple solutions will be a strong asset in future. 

The children were led into a room with a trainer. I can sense Gladys feeling a little awkward and anxious, partly being the oldest child in class and sitting in a room of unfamiliar faces. Nevertheless, she joined in as the trainer introduces everyone in class, which helps to settle her down a little.

There are 3 activities for the children to complete and it was written on the whiteboard. Prior to every activity, the trainer gave them an introduction, followed by instructions and the children will be in their groups to discuss, brain storm and let their creativity juices flow as they attempt to complete their task.

Activity 1 - Inventors  

The first activity challengers our little inventors to think out of the box. Each group were given 3 picture cards and they are tasked to create an invention base on the functionality of all the 3 items in the pictures.

This is probably the hardest task for Gladys as her group mate and her were totally clueless, not able to draw out their invention. Time is tickling and being bounded by the physical form of the items, Gladys appears stuck and needed help from the trainer.

After much guidance and directions, the duo pair managed to draw something on the paper.

Each group will then present their inventions in class which helps to build their confidence to stand in front of class to share their ideas. 

Activity 2 - Catapult Challenge  

Fun begins as the little inventors which are split into 2 groups, now have to build their own catapult with the materials provided. The trainer showed them a sample of his creation and the rule is not to copy his idea. Once the time is up, both groups will bring out their best catapult and compete which catapult launches the furthest.

Everyone puts their ideas together and built their own catapult. 

The competition begins as the children showcase their best catapult. It was fun to see how their creation works in action. Some were really creative but did not launch very well. Other catapults may look simple but it launches very far. In this activity, children uses applied creativity, where creativity is use for a purpose. By now, Gladys feels more at ease in class as they had lots of laughter seeing the catapults launching.

Activity 3 - Stack it Together  

This is a group play which emphasis on teamwork. Everyone is given different coloured cups and papers, and standing at different parts of the mat. The objective is to stack the cups and papers according to the picture shown at each corner of the play mat.

Everyone has a chance to roll the dice and then decide to use the moves for himself or to give it to another friend to move and complete the stacking task. It is interesting to see how some may appear confuse while some may be more domineering and directive. At the end of the stipulated time, the children managed to complete as least half of the stack. Through play, the children cooperative and learn about working as a team to get their objective done. Helping each other when someone feels lost, not knowing where to move.

What's interesting that differentiate People Impact from other enrichment centre is the trainer will conduct a debrief session with the parents only after the lesson ended. He explained what the children did in class and what they learn. Parents are also invited to do the same activities that their children had participated in earlier to give them a better understanding and maybe reapply the learning back home. Trainers also spend time talking to parents individually to discuss how their child is getting on.

Gladys only attended one lesson and the trainer was able to note down some pointers for me which was observed during class. I applaud for the efforts and observation done and Gladys and myself have learnt something new. The lessons conducted at People Impact are fun and engaging where children learn at ease through activities and play.


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People Impact Singapore (West Coast Plaza)
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Telephone: +65 6635 8573

Visit People Impact Singapore for more information.

People Impact Singapore
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Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. We attended 1 trial lesson to experience the IQ-EQ programme at People Impact Singapore (West Coast Plaza Branch)

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