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Mummybebe - Farlin Baby Products (GIVEAWAY)

[Review + Giveaway]

Lately, I have been introduced to mummybebe - where mummies can shop for their family's necessities in just a click away. Of course, I think daddies play an important role too and parents being multi-taskers, would love to devote their precious time for their children. mummybebe, an established importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor of some of the leading brands, makes shopping easy as it holds a wide repertoire of safe and interesting products at mummybebe.com.

Some of the brands you can find at the e-boutique include:
~ Farlin Baby (from Taiwan)
~ Bright Bots (from Australia)
~ Bubba Blue (from Australia)
~ Galipette (from Fance)
~ Farlink (from Singapore)
~ HopZalong (from Singapore)
~ Karibu (from Hong Kong)

Farlin is an established and renowned brand since 1972 and we were invited to try Farlin Liquid Cleanser and Clothing Detergent wash. Some may raise their eyebrows and question : Do we have any use on the baby products since our children are much older in age? Our answer : Why not!?

On the contrary, I find it really versatile and useful. Farlin Baby Liquid Cleanser is not only just for washing of baby bottles, I find them effective in cleaning our water bottles that we bring to school or work daily. A plant-base cleaning agent, made of organic/natural ingredients, food-grade certified by FDA, ecological with ingredients sourced naturally, phosphate-free and fluorescence-free, the eco-friendly cleanser, plus a natural grease remover extract, is definitely safer and gentler compared to using the normal detergent to scrub and clean our bottles!

Unlike the other cleansers, Farlin is PH5.5 which is mild and non-irritated for sensitive mother's hand. I find it soothing to my hands when rinsing off the soap from all the bottles and don't feel as dry compared to the other washing agents. It is also suitable for all purpose cleaning of fruits, vegetables and toys!

To wash, simply squirt some Farlin Baby Liquid Cleanser into the bottles or into water basin and start washing. It has a mild tangerine scent which smells refreshing.

We use Farlin Clothing Detergent to wash our clothing. The anti-stink formula leaves the clothes with a mild, fragrant and soothing scent after washing. I really LOVE it after our first wash as it smells so nice! Usually I will put some comforter together with the washing powder to 'enhance' the scent and softness of the clothing, but with Farlin, one scoop into the washing machine does the job beautifully.

The eco-friendly organic cleanser removes the stain and grease on the clothing. If you have baby or young children at home, this would be perfect for washing children clothing as its mild formula is hypoallergenic for baby. It has low foaming and no residue, making it gentle on sensitive baby skin.

Even though our children our older, my kids and myself have sensitive skin and we tend to react (feeling itchy) to strong washing agents.

If you like to try out Farlin Baby Products, it is available at various participating retail outlets.

Alternatively, check out mummybebe.com and start shopping!


Good News! Chance to win $50 e-Voucher to shop at www.mummybebe.com! We have 3 sets to give away!

To stand a chance, simply
1) Like www.facebook.com/mummybebesg and www.facebook.com/farlinbabysg
2) Share the above Facebook links on your Facebook. 

Leave me a message once you have done for the above on our blog post. 

We will announce the winners on 28 August 2016.


Thank you for your participation. 3 lucky winners have been drawn!


Congratulations for winning $50 e-voucher each! You will be notified on how you can collect your prizes.

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Farlin Liquid Cleanser and Farlin Clothing Detergent was received for review purposes only.


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