Friday, July 22, 2016

Restaurant De Junks (懷舊鍋) @ Mount Austin - CLOSED - [JB]

Sad to say, De Junks was closed during our recent visit in 2017.

What drew our attention to De Junks (懷舊鍋) at Mount Austin is seeing the diners cooking their food in the 4-tier steamboat hot pot, or the pyramid pot. Another attraction is the unique retro decorations on the exterior and interior of the restaurant giving it a vintage and nostalgic look. These reasons are enough to invite ourselves into De Junks.

So what exactly does the pyramid pot do? 

1st Layer - Steaming. The topmost layer where it acts as a steamer to steam your food or buns.

2nd Layer - Warmer or Chocolate steamboat. You can put your cooked food on this tier to keep it warm. Alternatively, it can turn into a chocolate fondue where you can did your marshmallow in.

3rd Layer - Barbeque. This layer is where you bbq and grill your meat.

4th Layer - The bottom tier of the hotpot is for steamboat. You can choose to have 2 different variations of soup base. Chicken and miso soup is free but an additional charge of rm5 is required for other soup selections.

De Junks - Pyramid Pot.

Our boy making himself comfortable.

While waiting for our orders to arrive, I was deeply immersed with the displays on the walls. Felt like we have traveled back in time to the old-style kampung days.

Mixing the chilli and sauces to go with our food.

We ordered the Economic Meat Platter for 2 pax at RM50 (~SGD17) which also comes with 2 bowls of rice. The set comes with prawns, chicken, pork, vegetables and corn which is pretty filling.

As we did not order the classic set which comes with marshmallow and biscuit sticks, hence we ended not using the first and second tier of the steamboat. Nevertheless, we were just as happy to grill and cook our food with the remaining 2 tiers.

Adults get to wait for the food to be served while the children do the cooking.

Flower Crab Bee Hoon - RM38 (~SGD13)

To complete our meal, we also ordered Flower Crab Bee Hoon for all to share. The soup is sweet and tasty and comes with a generous serving of beehoon within. We did not order any drinks as we drank up the entire pot of soup.

Our total bill is RM92.40 after 5% service charge (~SGD32). Very affordable and you get to experience and enjoy your food cooked in the 4 tier steamboat hotpot.  Children will love the chocolate fondue while the adults dig in to the meat/seafood.

Restaurant De Junks (懷舊鍋) 
Address: 8 Jalan Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

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