Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dark Art 3D Studio First in Malaysia (CLOSED)

Taking wacky and fun shots with 3D interactive artworks that appear to come to live in your camera has been a pretty common trend in the recent years. But how about taking 3D artworks that glows in the dark?

Lately, we chanced upon Dark Art 3D Studio that offers visitors a different and unique experience of photo-taking against the art of Luminous Glow 3D.

Luminous Glow 3D is an art exhibition that transform between 2 different light sources. Luminous effect is an art that combine study of science perspective and design. Through the refraction and conversion of light sources, the hidden secret in the painting is emerged.

Sounds really interesting and we decided to give it a go!

Dark Art 3D Studio is located within a quiet estate in Bandar Baru Kangkar Pulai. The nearest AEON mall (Taman Universiti) is 10km away and Johor Premium Outlet approximately 25km away. From Sutera Mall, we drove about 18km, which took us about 30 minutes to reach Dark Art 3D Studio. The area is very quiet and secluded but luckily there is a big signboard to direct us to our destination.

Take a flight of stairs up to the 2nd storey and it lead us to the entrance of Dark Art 3D Studio. Entrance fee is RM30 for adult and RM25 for children. Occupying only level 2 of the shop, the entire area is not very big. With about 23 pieces of artwork, we spent about 1 hour posing and taking fun shots.

What is unique about Dark Art 3D Studio is the gallery will change lighting between normal and luminous effect. When the background is changed into luminous lighting, visitors are advised to pause and leave from the painting to enjoy the stunning visual and capture the photo in the 'night' scene. Use of flash is not advisable.

View of the gallery in luminous effect

View of the gallery in normal lighting

The staff is very friendly and gave us a brief introduction and photo-taking tips before leaving us. She returned shortly to help us take some family shots together.

I love this photo particularly as it is against a vibrant and colourful backdrop. Really felt as we are travelling back in time with Doraemon.

Photo view in luminous effect

It is up to individual creativity to pose with the 3D artworks and it is fun to think about how you can pose differently when the lighting effect changed. I thought it was fun when the luminous light effect was switched on and the entire space is darkened. It turns out to be a perfect spot for hide-n-seek.

Despite the small space, we managed to snap a lot of photographs with famous people like Mr Bean, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Heavenly Kings and Spiderman.

It was equally as fun to pose with the different vibrant backdrops

 Which one is your favourite? Normal lighting or Luminous effect?

Before leaving Dark Art 3D Studio, remember to take some fun shots with the 3D artworks on the stairways!

Family photo with the marine creatures

Planning on a shopping trip to JPO or Sutera Mall? How about driving by Dark Art 3D Studio for an hour of fun and bring home some beautiful photos as remembrance.

Dark Art 3D Studio
Address: 26A, 28A, Jalan Pulai Ria 9, Bandar Baru Kangkar Pulai, 81300 Johor
GPS: 1.564411,103.5864019

Pricing (Adult - RM30, Child - RM25)
Opening Hours: 12pm - 6pm


qi said...

That's an interesting place! How did you chance upon it? I wouldn't have dared to go in looking at the exterior actually. And that's a lot of photos you took! :) I'm sure your kids had fun!
Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

Little Miss Honey said...

This is so timely that I read this post because my family and I are travelling to Malaysia on Friday. We might drop by here. It looks fun... Can I bring my baby though?

Young Smarties said...

This place is soooo cool!!! We'll target this during the next school holiday or weekend :)
Thanks for sharing!

Shub said...

Kind of Alive museum? Your photos are awesome! Kids must have loved it a lot.

Unknown said...

Seems like your family having a great bonding time together taking pictures. Love the expression on all your faces.

Phoebe said...

I am always on a look out for new places in JB and found it on a website :D Did some research and checked on their facebook page and decided to give it a try. The best part is always taking lots of photos for memories keep


Phoebe said...

That's nice! The location is a little remote and the area is small. You may feel a little disappointed with the size of the gallery but we managed to spend 1 hour having the entire space all to ourselves and we took lots of pictures. You can bring your baby there too. The toilet there is clean too.

Phoebe said...

Looking forward to seeing your photos. :) Hope you will enjoy.

Phoebe said...

It is much much smaller than Alive Museum... Dark Art 3D works on a similar concept but I guess the uniqueness is the change of lighting between normal and luminous effect that set it apart from the other 3D art gallery.

Even though the gallery is very small, it was not crowded and we have all the space and time to ourselves.

Phoebe said...

I must confess some of the pose were choreographed by me. My kids enjoyed the luminous effect and lie down on the floor to sleep!

My Cyber Shop said...

LOL! The pictures are hilarious! I am sure you guys had a ball of time!

Winnie @ Toddly Mummy said...

All of you really look like you had fun! I like some of the pictures there, like the one of the Heavenly Kings and Doraemon. Thanks for sharing!

coffeeandtoastmama said...

Wow looks so interesting with the glow in the dark concept. A g8 place to visit to add to my list


Unknown said...

Wow! This is definitely something different that I want to try with the kids. Thanks for sharing. Love your pictures too, you all photographed well!! :-)

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