Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Gingen Instant Ginger Drink

I always love ginger drink, not only it warms the body, helps in digestion, I feel rejuvenated after a drink. There are many articles stating the benefits of ginger which includes helping to get rid of nose and throat congestion, improve blood circulation, relief nauseous, stress and the list goes on.

Recently, we received some packets of Gingin Instant Ginger drinks. A relative new brand for me and we decided to give it a try.

Product Information - Gingin Instant Ginger Drink is made with white ginger, which is found in northern Thailand. The gingers used are of 12 months old - the prime age to use and harvest its properties. The beverage has a very high ginger concentrate. 10kg of fresh ginger is used to make 1kg of ginger extract. It contains no preservatives or artificial colourings. 

Gingin Instant Ginger Drink comes in 4 flavours to suit varied preferences. Over the past few months, we have tried them and here's our thoughts.

100% Ginger (No Sugar) instant drink is naturally stimulating, combined a soothing taste of ginger, without the mixture of additives. This is perfect for Hubby, who dislike sweet drinks, as it contains no sugar.

For a sweeter option, I would go for Ginger with Brown Sugar (75% Ginger) as brown sugar is added to the mix and I get a balance of ginger and sweetness. I usually like to have it cold in the afternoon which makes me feel more refresh.

After a heavy meal, we will also make a cup of Strong Ginger Formula (80% Ginger) to aid in our digestion. It is slightly sweet and relieving for our stomachs.

The children, on the other hand, prefer the Ginger with Honey drinks which contains 69% of Ginger. Our boy enjoyed its sweetness plus the invoking ginger flavour which is revitalizing for him after a long day at school. Particularly with the examination going on these 2 weeks, a cup of ginger drink soothes his body and mind and he likes to make a cup to keep him company as he revises.

Gingin Instant Ginger Drink is Halal-certified and caffeine-free which is suitable for all ages. I like it that you can choose to make your ginger drink hot or cold, particularly suitable for our hot and humid weather conditions.

If you like to try some ginger instant drinks, Gingin are available at Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Mustafa, Prime, & Sheng Siong.

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Gingin instant ginger drinks were given for review purposes only.

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