Monday, February 8, 2016

River Hongbao 2016

It's our 7th year blogging on our trip to River Hongbao since 2010 and we are looking forward to many more years to come. What motivated us to keep on coming back every year? Here are our top 10 picks.

#1 - Annual Family Tradition

Over the years. River Hongbao has become an iconic annual event which attracted huge crowd to join in the festive celebration.When I was younger, I had the opportunity to come here as part of the CNY celebration. I recalled how happy I was then and from then on, Hubby and I have been bringing our children to take a stroll at River Hongbao after our reunion dinner. 

This year, River Hongbao turns 30. To celebrate this momentous milestone, the 9-day festivities include fun-filled extravaganza of lights, sights and sounds.

#2 - Beautiful Lantern Display

Apart from the nightly stage shows, food street and game booths, the lanterns are the main attraction at The Float@Marina Bay. Every year, we get to see different showcase of lanterns made by the craftsman. This year, we welcome the Year of the Monkey. The main arch entrance looked like the celestial gate and the entrance walkway is filled with peach trees and monkeys.

Since it is the Year of the Monkey, the lanterns at River Hongbao 2016 is filled with the theme of Monkey King. If you have always love the story of Journey to the West, you will love the lantern displays.
Journey to the West

Giant Mural Wall

Family photo with the Giant Mural Wall. Can you find your favourite characters from Journey to the West?

The Compliant Gold-Banded Rod - See how the Monkey King retrieved his weapon (如意金箍棒) from the Eastern seas.

Did you spot Monkey King at the Heavenly Peach Banquet?

My favourite lantern at River Hongbao - the majestic Monkey King

#3 - Performance and Festive Atmosphere

Apart from Chinatown, being at River Hongbao during Chinese New Year brings out the festive mood. Cultural performances, food street, fireworks plus the crowd raise the spirit and cheer in us. 

#4 - Wishing Well

One of our favourite spot at the River Hongbao is the "Wishing Well". We saved our 5 cents coins and load it as our "bullets" to hit the bells for good luck. It is a fun activity for our family and the children are extremely determine to hit one of the bells.  

#5 - Twelve Chinese Zodiac

Since we started visiting River Hongbao, taking pictures of the 12 Chinese Zodiac is not to be missed. It became part of our tradition and remains one of the main highlight at the annual event.

#6 - Key Exhibition

Every year, there will be key exhibits. Last year was a showcase of SG50. This year, we look at River Hongbao history. Way before River Hongbao has shifted to its current location - Marina Bay floating platform, it has been located at other parts of Marina Bay. Looking at the pictures and going back into history brought back a lot of fond and wonderful memories of my youth.  

#7 - God of Fortune

The Fortune God remains one of the top favourite at every River Hongbao event and visitors love to take pictures with the God of Wealth. I recalled there were some years where the deity will disperse gold foil and many awaited to catch some of the gold foil using their hands and even umbrella.

Taking photos with the God of Fortune is also on our agenda every year. :)

In summary, we love coming to River Hongbao and will continue to do so every year! Admission is Free and it will be ongoing from now till 14th February 2016. Do not miss the fireworks and pyrotechnics show every nightly, 9pm. Wishing all a prosperous Year of the Monkey!

River Hongbao 2016
Date: 6th Feb - 14 Feb 2016
Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm
Address: The Float@Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Avenue. S039805
Free Admission


Anonymous said...

Oh! I have totally forgotten of this annual festival... And now looks like I won't be able to find the time to bring the kids in the evening. Whoooops :D

Unknown said...

You're very hardworking leh.. Go and take photos of all the zodiac and collage some more! I always only take photo with my own zodiac.. Haha. So lazy to go and squeeze with the crowd.

Phoebe said...

Aww.. RIver Hongbao is still on till 14 Feb. Maybe you can try to visit on the weekends

Phoebe said...

Blame it on me when I started taking all the 12 zodiac years ago and it become our 'tradition' also. hahaha. Oh yes! It took me a lot of time just to get through with all the animals... thankfully it wasn't very crowded when we visit.

May said...

SOOOOOO BRAVE to brave through chinatown and River HongBao! I still don't have the courage to do it with a 3 year old and 1 year old. Not to mention my husband will stay far far away from crowd. hahaha Wish I could go though because I think I'll like it a lot but it's no fun to go alone.

Danessa Foo said...

I used to attend the River Hongbao when the school I was teaching in hold their calligraphy contest there every year... missing the vibrant & colourful displays. A little lazy to bring the hubs and girl over, cos they dislike crowds >.<

Unknown said...

My Mom loves River Hongbao and visits it every year! I like this year's programme, with fireworks in the evenings :D

Unknown said...

Ha! It's funny, but I've been to this floating display a few times and it never occurred to me that it was called 'River Hongbao'! *so blur*

Phoebe said...

Chinatown and River Hongbao are our must-go location during CNY. Another one that we brave through are the temples.. :) It's not really as fun with the heat and crowd but it's an experience for sure. Lucky I have my family members to join me in this craze. :D

Phoebe said...

Oh! I did not notice there is a calligraphy contest there! Is it held at certain days?

Phoebe said...

I missed the Fireworks cos we went a little too late. Hopefully next year they will have it again.

Phoebe said...

Most of the time it is written in Chinese so you probably gave the name "River Hongbao" a miss. That's alright cos you know the name now. ^_^

simplylambchops said...

I have never been to one! Come to think of it, it's quite shameful that I don't even know what to expect for this annual event. Maybe it's time to plan for one trip down next year :)

Unknown said...

We went to River Hongbao too and the children enjoyed themselves.

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