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Zoom Park - Indoor Trampoline Park (Johor Bahru) - CLOSED

Zoom Park Johor Bahru is currently closed since 2017. Their facebook website has indicated that they will be relocating. Awaiting more updates till further notice.

[Guest Post] by Denver

You might have heard of or experience Zoom Park - the largest indoor trampoline park in Singapore located at Pandan Gardens. It seems to be a growing trend and children as well as adults are garnering interest in trampoline. While we did not have the opportunity to visit the park locally, we ended driving over 20km and landed ourselves at Zoom Park Johor Bahru.

Since it was our first visit and the first time our kiddos jumped in an indoor trampoline park, I decided to let our boy do the honour to share his experience in his first Guest Post.


Welcome to Zoom Park - Indoor Trampoline Park (JB)!

Before anyone can enter and start jumping on the trampolines, we have to first sign a waiver. "No waiver = No entrance!" This is a MUST for first timers. The waiver can be completed at the Waiver Station or simply visit their website through your mobile device to complete the form.

Purchasing of "Zoom Grip Socks" is compulsory as the socks have special grips to ensure we do not slip and fall while jumping. Safety First! There are various sizes available and each pair only cost RM5! Daddy even bought an extra pair as the quality of the socks is pretty good and cost less than S$2.

Newcomers to the trampoline park should also watch the safety video on how to play safely and what is not allowed in the park.

The Main Court is where the young and old alike have a whale of a time jumping about. Also, since the park is cushioned, we do not have to worry about injuring ourselves. Do note that only one person is allowed on each trampoline for safety reasons.

Welcome to the Rock Wall! This is where the bold and daring would try to scale the wall and reach the top. Thanks to the foam, we would have no worries of falling down. However, being a scardey-cat and someone who has acrophobia (fear of heights), I did not attempt to scale it.

If you are daring and enjoy parkours, try to climb the Fidget Ladder and reach the net. My sister, being the braver one, climbed it but stopped halfway as the ladder was fidgeting too much! Well, at least she tried.

The Foam Pit is a popular place among kids and teens as they can perform many jumping stunts without hurting themselves. Seeing younger kids doing a flip into the pit really put me to shame. Nevetheless, I still enjoyed jumping into the pool of foam. :)

The Air Bag has a long, strong and stiff rope tied across it for people to tightrope across it like a real acrobatic. I heard that someone had crossed the line successfully without help or falling. I was really impressed and dumbfounded as I could not even balance myself on the line to start with!

Too short to throw a basketball into the hoop? With the trampoline, we can jump on it to get higher and shoot the ball! This will even allow the tall ones to do a Slam Dunk, thus its name. Did my Daddy perform a dunk? Neh... I think he can almost reach the basket with his height!

If you enjoy running, try running and jumping on the Tumble Tracks and bounce your body back by landing on the trampoline with your body sideways. I thoroughly enjoyed having the sensation of my body being pushed backwards by another force.

Saving the best for last! High Performance - This is my sister's and my favourite spot where we would spent ages just jumping on the trampoline. According to the staff, the two trampolines here are the most expensive setup throughout the park. This explains why there are only two and children who did not meet a minimum height of 1.2m cannot jump here. The trampolines are sturdier allowing us to jump greater heights and do stunts.

Thanks to the staff on duty who taught us patiently, I finally mastered one stunt (i.e. bouncing back up to standing position after landing in a sitting pose). The 2nd stunt (back flip) was harder and I have yet to execute it to perfection. It was a great attempt and we burnt a lot of calories in a short span of 1.5 hours. We were told that jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for 30 minutes! You can jolly tell how much energy was used just looking at my sister's expression.

A successful attempt of back flip

The Exhausted Me - after spending a long time jumping at High Performance. :)

This obstacle at the Main Court is the hardest to overcome in my opinion. Even with the help of trampolines, it was challenging to run, jump and get to the top. The momentum and pace has to be right! It took me an exhausting 20 minutes to get on to the "peak" and that was with the help of my mom who gave me a push and boosted me up! Then again... WE MADE IT!!

We had a great time at Zoom Park and we definitely would stop by to jump again!


Rates to jump in Zoom Park (JB) is really attractive. On Weekends, it is RM25 for the first hour (~S$8) and RM45 (~S$15) for 2 hours per pax. Enjoy even cheaper rates on Weekdays where you only need to pay RM20 (~S$7) for 1 hour and RM37 (~S$12) for 2 hours. 

Parents who do not wish to jump and prefer to sit aside and observe their child, do not have to pay and go into the park for free.  However, for safety reasons, it is recommended that children aged 5 and under to be accompanied by adults at all times. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in Zoom Park with water as an exception. Remember to be in proper attire and dress comfortably in light clothing as you will perspire! If you wish to learn more about Zoom Park, check out the FAQs.

Zoom Park (Indoor Trampoline Park) - Johor Bahru
Address: 9 & 11, Jln Kencana Emas 2/3, Kawasan Perindustrain Tebrau 3, Target Commercial Park, 81100, Johor Bahru (Next to BMS Mall)


May said...

Nice post Denver :) great to know that there's a zoom park at jb too!

Meeningfully said...

Thanks for sharing this outlet of Zoom in JB! the fees do look cheaper.... :)

GrowingwiththeTans said...

This looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to check out the trampoline park in Singapore, but this one in JB looks good too. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You write well Denver! Thanks for sharing this amazing ZoomPark with us.

Unknown said...

Trampoline parks look like so much fun.

Unknown said...

JB queen! I never knew there was a trampoline park in JB. The slam dunk hoops looks a bit too low, kind of defeats the whole purpose of a trampoline slam dunk doesn't it?

Phoebe said...

Thank you May :) We saw it on the website and decided to check it out. Quite a fun place to burn some calories

Phoebe said...

The pricing indeed looks very attractive compared to the rates in Singapore.

Phoebe said...

I also wanted to try the trampoline park in Singapore but the rates is a little high. :) Zoom Park in JB is our another outlet for the kids to play at an affordable rate. :)

Phoebe said...

Thank you Angeline for the compliment. ^_^

Phoebe said...

I think the settings in JB and SG looks similar. Both parks seems equally as fun!

Phoebe said...

There are 2 different heights. I am assuming one for the younger lots while the other for the adults. When you stand on the trampoline, you sink down a little so actually there is still a difference in height. I do see many teens performing slam dunk and it looks fun! :)

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