Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Media Invite: BASF Kids' Lab 2015

[Media Invite]

Before we ended the June holiday, the children had the opportunity to participate in an interactive Chemistry Education programmed organised by BASF at Ang Mo Kio public library. BASF, a leading global chemical company which produce a comprehensive range of chemical products, has been operating in Singapore since 1978.

Being very supportive to raise awareness and positive feeling of chemistry for children aged 6 - 12 through dynamic chemistry activities, BASF launched Kids' Lab in 33 countries in the world and to date, more than 200,000 kids have benefited from the program.

Since 2003, Kids' Lab (Singapore) is held during the June school holidays, reaching out to children. This year marks it's 12th year. and we are delighted to be part of the program for the first time!

Science is one of the children favourite subject and you can tell they are very excited to get started! Before we start, putting on their safety gear and adhering to the safety guidelines are equally important too.

'Lab' setup at Ang Mo Kio Public Library.

The workshop began with a briefing covering the safety rules, an overview of BASF and program flow. Facilitators then return to their assigned table to assist and guide our little scientists.

Clear instruction booklet for each Parent-child pair. 

We did 2 simple experiments that day :

1) Water research experiment where children built a "density tower". They observed how dissolving different substances in water can change the properties of water and affect the behaviour of the plastic beads in the cylinder tower.

Denver & Gladys giving the sugary water a good stir.

Pour the sugar water into the plain water solution, add in the beads and note down your observation!

2) Butterfly experiment - do you know that by making use of natural materials and applying simple science theories, you can design your very own colourful butterfly! Witness how colour changes when it is mixed with different ingredients.

Both experiments are really simple and children will be able to manage. Facilitators are always around to guide and answer questions that any inquisitive child may have on his/her mind. Not only do Denver & Gladys learned more about density, acid and alkali, they go back with more knowledge and familiarity of the equipment used in the lab.

If you have missed BASF Kids' Lab 2015, do keep a look out for it next year (2016) during the June holidays! Program is free but registration is required. Seats normally fill up pretty fast so fastest fingers first!

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Thank you Playeum and BASF Singapore for inviting our family for a closed door session to experience BASF Kids' Lab 2015.

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