Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crane Dance @ Sentosa Waterfront

After more than 4 years, we are finally back to catch the Crane Dance at Sentosa Waterfront! When it was first launched in December 2010, we made multiple visits to view the show but only to be welcomed by the signboard indicating the show was cancelled due to technical faults.

Lady luck finally smile upon us and we managed to catch the dancing animatronics performance created by Emmy-award winning designer Jeremy Railton.

Standing at 10 storeys tall, the pair of mechanical cranes shared their lovely courtship journey and how they transformed into real birds through music, vibrant and colourful lights, water jets, and animation from the gigantic TV screens on their bodies.

Taking flight

The Crane Dance show (~10 minutes) is available every night, 9pm at Sentosa Waterfront. Do check out Sentosa's website to see if there are any scheduled maintenance to avoid disappointment. 

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