Monday, July 13, 2015

Be a Changemaker (Singapore Science Festival 2015) - Science Bob Show

We kicked start Singapore Science Festival 2015 with a spectacular and intriguing Science show by Science Bob! Bob Pflugfelder, America's beloved Science teacher, author, maker and presenter has made multiple television appearances and explores the scientific world with thousands of students.

Denver & Gladys are big fans of Science and they are extremely excited to witness some of the popular experiments that are about to take place!

Film canister rocket is a simple experiment that you can try this too (with adult supervision and safety goggles on)! All you need is a small plastic film canister with lid, antacid tablet and water!

Steps: Pour about 5ml of water into the canister and drop one half antacid tablet into the canister. Quickly close the lid tightly and turn the canister upside down (cap side down). Next, STEP BACK and wait for a few seconds. Stand by to hear the POP and see the film canister flying up in the air!

Air Vortex Cannon - Another interesting science instrument that I think we can DIY and have a blasting fun at home. This device fires invisible doughnut shaped air vortices (smoke rings) that can ruffle hair, blow out candles and bring down stacked paper cups!

Inject some smoke into the device and see the smoke rings puffing into the air!

Seeing is Believing! 

More fun experiments coming up! 

*Liquid Nitrogen Cloud - The best is always saved to the last as we witnessed the formation of cloud indoor! How is this done? By pouring very hot water into Liquid Nitrogen which is very cold (-198°C). This caused a violent reaction that vaporizes the water. The vaporized water is condensed back into tiny drops that we call cloud.


The all-time favourite experiment fantasized many children including adults!

It was astonishing! The children and I enjoyed all the experiments and learnt some interesting science facts! As a matter of fact, I was so impressed that I'm planning to make my own Air Vortex Cannon.

Denver : "I was both awe-struck yet dumbfounded as I watched each experiment."

If you have missed the events happening over the previous weekend, more awaits in the upcoming weeks!

Singapore Science Festival 2015 will be on-going from 10 July - 2 August 2015. Learn from over 50 cool events that will inspire you to make amazing changes for our future! Check out the event calendar to see what's happening around the island to bring science closer to you.

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