Monday, May 4, 2015

Homemade Lasagna at Super Dario (City Square Mall)

Are you a big fan of Lasagna ("Lasagne" in Italian)? Great news! Now you can savour homemade lasagna at Super Dario Lasagna. Lasagna is a popular Italian local dish which I love because of it's cheesy flavour.

Located at level 4 of City Square Mall, its casual dining setting welcomes you to sit back and enjoy a homemade meal whether you are dining alone or with your friends.

If you want to have a true Italian feel, do try the sparkling fruit beverages from San Pellegrino (made in Italy). The fizzy drinks go perfectly with the lasagne. We tried 4 different flavours - Chinotto (extraordinary bittersweet taste for the daring ones), Limonata (sour & sweet which is one of our favourite), Aranciata Rossa (blood orange juice more intense in flavour) and Mandarino (less orangy but sweeter taste).

San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverages (Assorted flavour) - $3.50 per bottle 

I always thought lasagna is only cheesy with tomato sauce and beef. Never expected there are such exciting flavours within the thin pasta layers at Super Dario.

Bak Kwa ($11 per portion)

This should be one of the most creative creation at Super Dario. I would never imagine lasagna to go with Bak Kwa! Yes! you heard it... within the pasta layers contains slices of bak kwa from Fragrance. Extra sweetness for this dish.

Super Dario ($8.50 per portion) 

If you like the original flavour, go for the traditional lasagna containing minced beef. 

Norma ($8.40 per portion)

If you like to go for a vegetarian version, there are currently two on the menu. Norma lasagna with ricotta cheese, mushrooms and eggplants as well as Dino lasagna with pesto, zucchini and carrots.

Piranha ($8.40 per portion) 

This is one of my personal favourite. A combination of all my favourite ingredients - tuna, spinach, carrot and eggs. Its lovely to have some lovely green to go with the lasagna.

Brick ($8.60 per portion)

Every plate of lasagna may look the same outside but once you dig through the pasta layers, you will be able to identify the ingredients within. :)  Brick is a child friendly lasagna dish containing pork ham, eggs and mushrooms.

After a hearty meal, its nice to complete with a dessert. We were delighted to see a line up of interesting and unique desserts (from $3.20 to $4.80) from Super Dario. I find their names particularly interesting too.

Sfogliatine - an old, classic dessert recipe. The name comes from the Italian word sfoglia meaning sheets. I have never try this pastry before and am awed by its look and sweetness 

Tiramisu - meaning "lift me up" is another all time favourite Italian dessert, which never fails to bring a smile on our faces. It is whipped to the right sweetness and texture. Every spoonful is a delight.

Panna Cotta - made from blending thick cream. Creamy and sweet - simple yet in style.

Profiteroles - this is our children's favourite as the pastry ball is filled with delicious ice cream! 

Super Dario's lasagna taste pretty good and I like the wide variety of flavour and creativity they have injected into the menu. Their lasagna are freshly made every day and contain no preservatives. For those who are health conscious, the ingredients within the lasagna are mostly steamed, with no frying involved. Apart from dining in and take away, Super Dario Lasagna also provides home delivery. A nice dining spot if you love to taste some homemade lasagna.

Super Dario Lasagna
Address: City Square Mall, #04-17, Singapore 208539
Phone: +65 31590682

Disclosure: As part of Mother's Day celebration, our family was invited to Super Dario Lasagna for lunch, courtesy of City Square Mall. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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