Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yogurt indulgence at Milk & Honey (City Square Mall)

Nothing beats a refreshing and cooling cup of yogurt after a meal. Milk & Honey - artisan yogurt & dessert bar serves delicious yogurt parfaits decorated with their handcrafted toppings. Alternatively, you can also design your own parfait choosing your favourite flavour and toppings to make your day a special one. 

A colourful and tempting selection of handcrafted toppings which you can select from. 

It was difficult to make our pick as we browse through the menu. The yogurt selection looked awesomely delicious! We could not make up our minds!! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe surely did not work either.

This is what made our decision making hard - doesn't this look super tempting? After much pondering, we finally settled on our orders.
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Royal Honey ($8.80)

(Honey Parfait, White Chocolate Stick, Orange Chip, Honey Popcorn, Honey Crystal Jello, Crunchy Crumble)

A combination of sweetness and crunch. I love the orange chip which I thought was one of the main highlight for this yogurt cup. Nice delight for my boy especially one who love caramel popcorn.

Tropical Zest ($8.80)

(Lychee, Apple Chip, White Chocolate Stick, Raspberry Sauce, Fresh Banana, Crunchy Crumble)

My personal favourite as I love raspberry. A lovely mixture of fresh banana with crunchy crumble compliments the smooth texture of the frozen yogurt.

Mango Passionfruit ($8.80)

(Mango Parfait, Passionfruit Chocolate Stick, Passionfruit Sauce, Passionfruit Marshmellow, Crunchy Crumble, Fresh Mango)

Ran out of fresh mango and we have to pick oreo mix for our girl. Nevertheless, our girl is not complaining as both are her favourite! Not forgetting the marshmellow toppings which she adores!

Healthy Mix ($7.80)

(Green Tea Meringue, White Chocolate Ring, Raspberry Sauce, Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Mango)

Hubby's pick as it is a healthier mix with fresh fruits. This yogurt cup also looks prettiest among all.

Apart from yogurt, Milk & Honey also serves a nice selection of cakes, macaron and drinks.

Ice Milk Tea 

It was a restful and relaxing afternoon where our family sat down and enjoy our froyo. I love the frozen yogurt texture and it does not taste overly sour or milky. If you like to be creative and unique, you can also design your own parfait.

Regular - $9.80 (Choose 6 Toppings)
Petite - $5.80 (Choose 3 Toppings)
Mini - $4.00 (Choose 1 Stick)

Milk & Honey
Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-K14, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Telephone: +65 6834 3040


Disclosure: As part of Mother's Day celebration, our family was invited to Milk & Honey for some desserts, courtesy of City Square Mall. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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