Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gigantic Dinosaurs Balloons @ Marina Square

Dinosaurs have landed at Marina Square, Central Atrium to mark the end of the March school holidays. We were back on time to catch the 10 dinosaurs and its prehistoric landscape made up of colourful balloons earlier today. The balloon extravaganza also broke the record for Singapore's largest balloon landscape ever.

Marina Square has been holding balloon events every March holidays for the past few years (Giant Balloon World in 2011, Balloonbots in 2012, Balloon Carnival in 2013, Balloon Paradise in 2014) and it gets better every year.

Going into its 5th year, this time we go back into historical times where we meet gigantic T-rex, Pterodactyl and more. With over 85000 balloons of different colours, shapes and sizes, the central atrium attracted families bringing their children there for photo-taking. We were one of them! :)

The dinosaurs looked so cute! No wonder the little ones are fearless of these creatures roaming around the atrium. We are looking forward to more balloon extravaganza next year!


Unknown said...

I went there yesterday. It was beautiful, even though the entire level 1 smelled like balloons :D

Phoebe said...

Yes! All the balloons looked so pretty. Luckily my kids did not prompt me to buy balloons for them :)

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