Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Celebrating Lunar New Year 2015

Many friends were amazed when I posted on Facebook that we had stopped at 10 different places (well... it used to be more) on the 1st day of Lunar New Year. From visiting relatives and friends to going to the temples, this was part of our CNY celebration.

No doubt it was tiring driving from houses to houses, we were happy to meet up with friends and also the children had fun snacking and collecting red packets along the way. Lunar New Year does not feel the same if we were coop up at home. ^_^ It is only this time of the year where we put aside the baggage experienced at work and celebrate the festival wholeheartedly.

Lunar New Year - Day 1

Visiting the temples is a tradition for our family. To pray to 太岁 and the other deities for a smooth sailing year with good health and wealth. This year, due to the long weekend, we even have the opportunity to bring the kids to Haw Par Villa for a walk.

Lunar New Year - Day 2

Stayed home most of the time on Day 3 as Gladys fell ill due to too much intake of cold drinks. On the bright side, we had the luxury of waking up late, watched a series of CNY movies on TV, enjoyed a quieter time at home and welcomed relatives and friends to our home.

Lunar New Year - Day 3

Gladys felt better on Day 4 and it was another peaceful and relaxing day where we get to go out for one visiting before heading home and enjoy our first home-style steamboat dinner for the Year of the Goat.

Lunar New Year - Day 4
Joyous moments always flash past very quickly and in a few more days it will be the end of the 15 days celebration. On a happy note, the children are looking forward to open their red packets (ang pows) to mark the end of the CNY holidays.

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