Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~ IKEA Swedish Crayfish Buffet - 2014 ~

This is our 2nd year joining in the IKEA's Swedish Crayfish Buffet. Held annually in August, this year "Kraftskiva" (Crayfish party) is much more organised. While there was a queue for the food, it was not as chaotic as compared to the previous year. The restaurant was closed to public and only ticket holders can enter.

Since it is a party, we can't miss out the party hats! IKEA decorated the restaurant with crayfish-themed bibs, hats and serviette.

The buffet spread was sumptuous. Apart from IKEA's hot favourite food - Swedish meatballs, spaghetti, mash potatoes and hotdogs, you can also expect soup, bread, dessert, fruits, salad and not forgetting the highlight of the buffet - Crayfish.

IKEA Crayfish Buffet

This year, the buffet price  has increased with IKEA family members plus 1 guest at $20 each and children (4-12 years) at $10 per pax. In return, all paying adults received a $10 IKEA voucher.

Denver & Gladys had fun picking their favourite food. This time, we were more cautious with our food selection to ensure that we do not over-eat. While many took plates and plates of food to share, we only picked the food for our personal consumption.

Salad is a great start before we indulge in our 'main course'

Crayfish Buffet is never complete without Crayfish!

Little pastries that never fails to bring a smile on our kiddos. ^_^

I prefer to go for my bowl of warm soup and end my meal with some fruits.

"Family" photo after our meal. 

If you missed the Crayfish buffet and would like to experience buffet dining at IKEA, do check out their website for updates. :)

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