Sunday, September 21, 2014

~ Celebration of Drums 2014 ~

While the screeching sounds of the Formula 1 cars is roaring its way at the Singapore Grand Prix, we were experiencing a thunderous thumping joy from the Celebration of Drums 2014 at Vivocity. It was a free event where public can grab any music-making instruments and join in the fun with the performers.

The crowd seated at the Amphitheatre was extremely co-operative and participative. Using their DIY instruments, everyone followed the cue from the performers and blended in with their drumming.

Check out the various performance items by Singapore Dhol Federation, Djembo Singapore Club, Tenko Taiko (Hibikiya) and Urban Drum Crew.

Singapore Dhol Federation - Established in 2006, the Dhol drumming group unleashed energetic Bhangra-infused rhythms that moved the crowd to dance with them.  

Djembe Singapore Club - It was our first hearing and learning the traditional African rhythms on the goblet-shaped drum from West Africa - Djembe. The performance was presented in a fun and an teasing way which brought smiles on our faces. :)

TENKO TAIKO - the performance we have long awaited for throughout the night. :) We were awed by Hibikiya's Tenko Drums performance at Hibiki IV and decided to re-experience the Japanese drums ensemble once more.

Once again, we felt like being part of Hibiki IV seeing the familiar faces of the performers and the astounding drumming.

Urban Drum Crew - Drumming is taken to new heights with the group improvising their drums with LED lighting and also their Water LED Drums! It's going to be a party wherever the group performs. 
Water LED Drums

After almost 2 hours of drumming, it is time for the Finale! All the performers came back to the stage and joined in a communal music-making finale full of fun and surprises!

Finale for the Night - Let's Drum!

We ended our night filled of energy. Denver & Gladys are honored to have photo-taking opportunity with the young talented Taiko drummer - Domu. He was definitely the limelight for the night where many salute to his awesome drumming performance. ^_^

Looking forward to more drumming performances in the future. :)

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