Friday, May 23, 2014

~ Our 3D2N virgin voyage on Star Cruise Virgo - Day 2 (Part 1) ~

22nd March, 12 midnight - The night is still young on board Superstar Virgo! Hubby and Gladys were fast asleep. I brought Denver out for a little stroll since he still feels pretty zesty. We explored the ship further and spotted the library, gym room, casino, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. I'm surprised to see people exercising at this late hour.

I woke up early to catch the sunrise 5 hours later. Settled down quietly by the balcony, I fell in love with the gentle scent of the ocean and the sound of the waves hitting the waters. It was melodic and therapeutic. As each minute passes, I witnessed the sun rising from the horizon.
Denver and Gladys woke up just in time to catch the rising sun! :) Isn't it Gorgeous!

7:50am - Breakfast! We were one of the early birds to arrive. No need to worry about seating at this hour.
Lovely assorted pastries and bread to start our day!
Breakfast menu is incomplete without cereal and porridge.
My breakfast selection from the buffet line. Yummy!

8:45am - The kids had been nagging us to bring them to the pool upon arrival yesterday. To avoid the crowd and further disappointment, we brought them straight to the Neptune's Wet and Wild pool after breakfast.

~ Neptune's Wet and Wild pool ~ 

The waters was freezing cold but that did not stop Denver and Gladys from diving into the pool!
Bonding time with Daddy!
I preferred station myself in the Jacuzzi pool for relaxation.

Sliding time!

From the Neptune, we migrated to Parthenon. This is an adult pool with Jacuzzi pools at each corner.

~ Parthenon Pool ~

Denver and Gladys enjoyed their morning swim tremendously.

11am - Second round of fun began as they hit the arcades. Another hour of fun despite the smaller area.
Time flies and we were pretty occupied munching and playing all day and night.
Coming up - more dining options on Superstar Virgo. 

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