Monday, March 24, 2014

~ Sun Pavilion - New Prickly Attraction at Gardens by the Bay ~

Recently, Gardens by the Bay has a new prickly addition that will spike your interest. Sun Pavilion, home of over 1000 dessert plants, open its door to the public on 25th February 2014.

The 800 square meter outdoor cactus garden has one of the largest cacti and succulent collections in Southeast Asia. Although there's also a succulent section within the Flower Dome, Sun Pavilion offers much more variety. The glass ceiling not only provide shelter but it's main purpose is to prevent the cacti from taking in too much rain water.  

Take a little walk around the garden and you will be marveled by the cacti displays. The kids found the Brain Cactus most intriguing because of its unique form. Setting a quiz here would be a lovely activity we can do with our kiddos as they explore and learn more about the cacti family.

I have a soft spot for cactus. Although they are spiky on the outside, there's so much beauty within that they blossom naturally among the floral. Take a closer look and you will find each cactus has its unique feature. 

(Turk's Cap)

Well, it's not always spiky thorns that you will expect to see at the Sun Pavilion, there's also some soft touch that adds colour and flavour to the landscape.

Feeling tired? There's always a resting spot where you can take a breather.

Sun Pavilion is located near the Far East Organization Children's Garden. It opens daily and admission is free.

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