Thursday, March 20, 2014

~ Exploring i Light 2014 along Marina Bay - Route A ~

Continuing our walk from the Float, we lingered on the Helix bridge, admiring the 3D projection displayed on the ArtScience Museum from where we were standing. It was a pretty sight but we have to move on to check out what's in store along the Marina Bay Sands.

A1 - Beat : Children's hotspot and probably resting spot especially after a long walk. Denver and Gladys joined the crowd and sat on the illuminated balls that comes in different sizes.

A2 - The Wishing! Tree : Will our wishes come true tonight?

A3 - ISwarm : Interesting light display that illuminate the waters of Marina Bay. iSwarm actually reacts by detecting the presence of human and generate light patterns.

A4 - Happy Croco : The 20m long light crocodile has cone backbones. Our dearest Gladys thought it looked like a Hippopotamus instead because of the big nostrils. Hmmmm...What do you see? 

A5 - Bedazzled : The umbrella shade attracted a lot of curious on-lookers checking out what inside the dome. Experience how the stars illuminate in the dark sky with animated constellations. 
My dazzling stars!

A6 - Lightscape Catcher : Blame it on my poor photography skill, I could not get a good shot of the reflection of Singapore's urban skyline.  

A7 - Mimosa : If you are familiar with the mimosa plant that curl up upon human's touch, the light flower petals will open and close in response to the visitors' hand movement.  

A8 - #WeHeartLight : Observe this light installation closely and you will realised it is not a simple heart. Through working closely with students from different schools in Singapore, #WeHeartLight is the combined efforts of 200 locals to each make a light box with personalised images and text. 

A10 - Floating Hearts : More hearts along the bay and you can illuminate it with a simple touch. 

A11 - **Insert Caption Please : This is a fun and creative light installation. The giant speech bubble displays random quotes and text that you can't help but shout out loud!

A12 - The Guardian Angels : Lovely colourful illuminated flower pots that keeps our gardens and plants lively and green. 

A14 - The Pool : Another favourite spot of the iLight event. The gigantic illuminated circular pads are attracting adults and children to hop on and be mesmerized by the swirling effects of changing colour lights.

We walked through the 28 Light installations around Marina Bay and I must say it just gets better every year! Not only can one admires the creative light creations, it is interactive, engaging and fun! 

If you have not witness the beauty of i Light - Asia's only sustainable light art festival, pop down to Marina Bay Waterfront now and be part of event. 

i Light 2014
Date : 7th - 30th March 2014
Marina Bay Waterfront

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