Saturday, November 30, 2013

~ Interactive Maritime Journey @ Singapore Maritime Gallery ~

Singapore is known as one of the world's busiest port with ships arriving or leaving Singapore in every few minutes. About a million visitors cruise into Singapore annually and no doubt it is a leading International Maritime Centre.

Singapore Maritime Gallery was officially opened on 12 September 2012. Through exploring the various zones in the gallery, visitors can learn the history, changes and how Singapore transformed into a major hub port.

Check out the zone map in the gallery.

Our first stop is a short video of the vibrant and dynamic maritime industry.

Moving into "The Sea in Our Lives", visitors can learn how Maritime Singapore brings us our daily necessities like rice, fruits, oil, medical supplies and others through interactive panels.

We cruised through the history board learning about Singapore's past and its milestones. Transforming into a major port from a simple fishing village. It is amazing how much we have achieved as a little red dot on the globe.

If your kids are ships lover, this is the place to be! Various ship models are on display and remember not to miss the interactive panel where you can 'sail' your ship!

Gladys thought it was fun to have a little 'ship race'.

The children called this the 'radar' room. Gladys sat in front of the panels and trying to figure out what the lines and dots means on the screen. It is actually a mimic display of the Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS).

This is Denver's favourite zone - Ship Bridge Simulator. The children get to be captain and experience steering different types of vessels in different weather conditions.

Ah Hoi Captain Denver! ^_^

I love this zone as we can look out and view the blue sky, ships and open sea. Just sitting on the waveline bench and enjoying the view is a pleasure.

Zooming in to have a good look at the ships.

The fun didn't stop here! Check out "Fun At Sea", a children's corner specially designed for the little ones. Children can play with the interactive walls and floor, colouring and have fun building on the Lego wall.

Admission is FREE! The children had fun and we learned more about the Maritime industry. There isn't any crowd during our visit and we had all the space and time to look through the display boards. Lovely place for families to share quality bonding time and embark on a learning journey together. 

*Updates (Apr 2014) : Rooftop garden and playground has completed renovation and its opened to public! I love the open space overlooking the sea. Another playground to explore and bring your kids to after visiting Singapore Maritime Gallery.

Picnic Art and lots of space for children to round about.

 Playground overlooking the pier and sea.

Singapore Maritime Gallery

Marina South Pier, 31 Marina Coast Drive, S018988
Phone : +65 6325 5707
Enquiries :

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday : 9am to 5:30pm
Closed on Monday (Except for public holidays)


Henry Lee said...

This looks like a very fun place for kids to learn about the history of maritime and what maritime is about! :D

Phoebe said...

Its a pretty neat place opened for about 1 year. But seems like not many are aware of it.

May said...

Wow didn't know it's been opened since 2012! I like that rooftop playground more than anything! Haha will go probably only for the playground :)

The Loving Mum said...

Your kids are having so much fun exploring all the many places together with you! Great for learning and experience. This place my girls still young to appreciate. Hee.

--andy-- said...

A pity this museum is situated so far away.
Perhaps I should plan a visit together with Marina Barrage followed by supper at Gardens by the Bay :)

cheers, Andy

Waiwai Leung said...

We had visited this place before too, the children loved to play the bricks. We didn't know there was an outdoor playground, shall visit there next time.

Unknown said...

My boy loves the ship bridge simulator the most! This is one of my favourite 'Fun for Free' places. Air-conditioned, great fun and totally FREE.

Unknown said...

We went to this place for the black knights displays during the Golden Jubilee weekend! :) Would definitely go back just to visit the Maritime Gallery :D

Unknown said...

We went to this place for the black knights displays during the Golden Jubilee weekend! :) Would definitely go back just to visit the Maritime Gallery :D

Ai Sakura said...

Oh Lil Pumpkin would love the interactive kids area and outdoor playground! Gotta bring her here soon ;)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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