Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ Singapore Cable Car Museum - A ride through History ~

If you took the cable car ride into Sentosa, you may want to drop by the Singapore Cable Car Museum. Quietly hidden in a corner, it seems like not many people is aware of this place.

Upon alighting from the cable car at Sentosa station, make a left turn and walk down the flight of stairs and you will reach the entrance of the museum.

As we are Jewel Box card holders, admission is free. I'm not sure if there is an admission price tied to it. There are no entrance barriers and no one to check for tickets. The museum has a few cable cars inside and a collection of information that brings you back to the its history.

Cable car fare structure in the past. See how much inflation has caused the price to multiply.

There is a life-size lego cable car, luxury style cable car and of course the famous Angry Bird designed cable car for our kiddos to pose.

The museum is not very big but it was pretty interesting to learn its fun little facts. 


Henry Lee said...

Wanted to take this ride when the angry birds were around but too expensive for us Malaysian :(

Phoebe said...

Yes. It is indeed expensive. Even for us too. But the Jewel Box membership for annual fee is considered worthwhile for our family, making it more affordable now. :)

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