Friday, May 17, 2013

~ Mother's Day Breakfast Buffet with IKEA ~

12th May 2013 - To celebrate Mother's Day, Hubby bought 3 breakfast buffet tickets from IKEA Tampines some weeks ago. (Adult - $10, Child - $5). Why three? Cos Mommy gets to dine for FREE! ^_^

From 9am - 11am, IKEA restaurant was closed to the public for the Breakfast Buffet Event and only ticket holders can enter. Seating was previously allocated during the purchase of the tickets and we managed to secure the table nearer to the buffet line.

The buffet spread looked really tempting. All sorts of bread, cakes, fruits and spread was neatly laid out. There is also a variety of free flow drinks to select. Milk, orange juice, coffee, tea as well as soft drinks are available at the drinks counter.

The main dish counter - Pancakes, eggs, beehoon, spaghetti, eggs, hot dogs, potatoes as well as IKEA's signature meatballs!

The salad counter was a hot favourite! There aren't enough seafood platter to go around for all! 

Halal Breakfast Buffet Counter - Strictly only for diners who wish to take the Halal meals. There is Nasi Lemak, curry, dim sum, fried chicken, potatoes and meatballs to satisfy the diners appetite.

The queue along the salad and main dish counter was tremendously long. To avoid re-queuing, we went full force filling up our plates as much as we can. The crowd at the toast and cakes section was much better probably because it was not restricted by the queue line.

For $20, our family definitely had a sumptuous breakfast. Although we are frequent patrons of the megastore, it was the first time we had breakfast at IKEA.

It was sweet and nice to spend the morning together in admist of the examination fever. Hopefully, we will get to see more of such events at IKEA. 


Henry Lee said...

yummilicious! Happy belated mother's day to u! :)

Phoebe said...

Thanks. ^_^

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