Sunday, April 21, 2013

~ Hong Kong 2012 - Day 5 (Part 2) Disneyland ~

Continuation from our previous post, we ventured into Adventureland. It seems like we are travelling back in time from a futuristic world into the primitive age.

Tarzan's Treehouse stands right before us as we took a raft across to the island. 

Tourists on the River cruise waved at us and said Hello.

Its cool to see what kind of treehouse our popular storybook hero is living in. We climbed up the stairs leading to the Tarzan's home.

View from the top

Tarzan's home

We took the raft back and bought some yummy squid along the way.

Festival of the Lion King, the 30 minute show is a wonderful combination of musical and dance performance inspired by the Disney's animated classic - The Lion King. Audience will be seated in the round theater under four different sections. During the performance, a giant version of the animal will make its entrance onto the stage. Namely, Simba, Giraffe, Elephant and Simba's friends, Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog..

Performers are dressed in animal costumes and swinging gracefully on trapezes. The fire dancers spin their fire torches and dance with the beat of the music.

"Can you feel the love tonight"

Jungle River Cruise -  A little boat ride before we we move on to Fantasyland.

Fantasyland always bring a smile on every child's face when we see the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. If you are lucky, you may meet your favourite Disney princess at the castle.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - We took flight again on one of the flying Dumbos. The kids love to maneuver the controls going up and down as we spin round and round.  

I still recalled how Denver and Gladys took off their 3D glasses frantically when they were at the Mickey's PhilharMagic a few years ago. This time they were really excited to be back again and ready for the 3D show.

The Golden Mickeys is a glamorous extravaganza where we get to see many Disney classic characters at the same time. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Mulan, Beauty & the Beast, Pixar's Toy Story and Lilo & Stitch staged a series of musical performance during the 30 minutes show.

Mad Hatter Tea Cups - The spinning cups surely made me dizzy but it has no effect on Denver & Gladys as they keep spinning the wheel to make it turn faster and faster!

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - a lovable ride for the younger ones. Gladys and I rode through the Hundred-Acre Wood in Pooh's hunny pot, meeting Tigger, Piglet and his friends along the way.

Part 3 - Toystoryland and more awaits us.

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