Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Boardwalk Tour with our Kiddos - Part 3 ~

Truly enjoyed the natural beauty and clearer waters. Quiet and away from the city buzz.  

The children seems to be having fun so far. Not really bothered about the red ants,  mosquitoes and heat from the sun. 

A Wild Junglefowl (according to Ria) was spotted at the coastal edge! We got our cameras ready before we lost sight of the chicken. :)

Further down the trail, one of the kiddos spotted this bird. After checking with the other experts on what kind of shorebird this could be, it seems it is a common sandpiper.

Shelter ahead and it is a great spot to take a rest and have some snacks!

We met Ley Kun on the Coastal broadwalk and she walked us through the trail for Hornbill. Earlier, she took a nice shot of the papa bird and briefed us on it's nest box too.

We saw the artificial nesting home for the Hornbill but did not get to see the bird. :( Maybe next time.

Flowers and assorted coloured fruits can be spotted along the way.

Chek Jawa's Visitor Centre - This beautiful Tudor style cottage was built in the 1930s.  It was used as the visitor centre in 2006. The most interesting feature of this building is its fireplace, as it is probably the only working fireplace left in Singapore.

The children gathered and had a mini drawing session at the cottage. They were encouraged to draw what they saw and experienced in Chek Jawa so far! Cool!

We left the cottage and headed back to wait for the van. We were lucky to see some wild boars! Mummy boar and her 2 little ones are out for a walk. :)

Two cutie piglets

Mama Boar

We got on the van and passed by the quarry. Crystal clear waters!

Alright! We were back at the Ubin town for our lunch. I am feeling famished after the 2 hours walk!

Quick look around Ubin town...

On our way to take the bumboat ride back to Singapore island...

Bidding farewell.... and we are on our way home.

It was an educational and fun experience at Chek Jawa. Really a great experience not to be missed and it will be fun to bring your children along to feel and enjoy the nature! Here are some details:

Chek Jawa Boardwalk Tours is conducted by the Naked Hermit Crabs. The guided tour is held every 2nd Saturday of the month and you need to register first. :) -

Bumboat rides - $2.50 per person (about 10-15minutes ride from Singapore to Pulau Ubin)
Van rental - $4 per person (to and fro trip)

We will be back to explore Chek Jawa again in JUNE for another guided tour during the low tides! We are expecting it to be even more exciting! Stay tune!

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