Sunday, March 11, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Boardwalk Tour with our Kiddos - Part 1 ~

What can be a better way to begin the March school holidays than having a fun and educational tour with 3 families at Chek Jawa Wetlands!         

We managed to register for the Chek Jawa Boardwalk Tours conducted by the Naked Hermit Crabs. The guided tour is held every 2nd Saturday of the month. Check out the dates on their website!

Special Thanks to the Naked Hermit Crabs, who have committed to do the free monthly walks for the public, our families have benefitted a lot through this wonderful experience!


It was my (as well as the kiddos') virgin trip to Pulau Ubin. We arrived at Changi Point Ferry Terminal where we will be taking the bumboats.

Each bumboat's maximum capacity is 12 passengers and charges $2.50 per ride. ($10 for our family per boat ride). It took about 10-15 minutes to reach Pulau Ubin and we were feeling excited along the way!

 Glimpse of Pulau Ubin.
 Enjoy it's peace and serenity.

Andy's and Johnny's families have arrived too! We always enjoy having each other's company on such a big group excursion. It makes the whole trip a lot more FUN with more kiddos around!

A brief introduction of Chek Jawa (extraction from Wikipedia), it is located on the south-eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, and is among the last few places left with a natural rocky shore. Within this small area, several ecosystems can be observed - coastal forest, mangrove forest, rocky shore, sandy shore and sand bar, seagrass lagoon and coral rubble. We were indeed intrigued by its nature and the plants and animals that are not commonly seen in the mainland of Singapore.

Our guided tour for this trip is Ria and Ley Kun. Thanks to them, we learned so much on this trip! Upon arrival at Chek Jawa, the children had a brief introduction of the rubber trees (by Ley Kun). Our kiddos also get to touch the rubber and learned how it was collected.

Before we begin our tour, the kids spotted a spider web but could not find the spider. Our experienced guide, Ria told the children that it could be hidden under the leaf. True enough, a little spider was indeed hiding within! Amazing!

We gathered at the Information Kiosk where everyone went for their final toilet break before we start our boardwalk tour!

The tides information are updated daily.

It's fun to take a group of children! They are always bubbly and curious!

We had a great start by spotting the Hornbill! It got all of us excited as we 'chase' after it! There! There! There! The large, black and white bird with a yellow beak swerved through the trees eating the fruits. It's a pity that I did not get a good shot of the beauty!

Moving on, we headed towards the seven-storey (20m) viewing tower - Jejawi Tower. All of us are climbing up the stairs including our little young adventurers.

The panoramic view of the surroundings is superd! We get a good view of the tree canopy as well as an eagle soaring in the blue sky!

Unfortunately I did not catch the eagle on my camera but do check out Andy's photo on his facebook page.

Taking a group photo before we make our way down. :)

Catch our broadwalk tour in Part 2 - to be continued...


Ria Tan said...

Wow, what an awesome blog post! Thank you for bringing the kids and sharing our adventure on your blog!

Phoebe said...

Hi Ria,

Thanks to you! We really had such a wonderful time at Chek Jawa! Part 2 and 3 on the way! :)

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