Sunday, December 25, 2011

~ Guided Tour on Logos Hope ~

Since we have never been on a cruise before, we thought it is not a bad idea to take up the 45 minutes tour on LOGOS HOPE. Each guided tour will take 10 people at a specific time. Hence it is best to approach the staff on board to book your tour first before you move to look at the book fair which is open to public.

We assemble at the waiting area 5 minutes before the start of our tour. Our guide is a volunteer on board and the all volunteer crew and staff of 400 people from over 45 countries worldwide, working in various roles acting as teachers, cooks, event planners etc. They normally join the organisation to live on board for two years.

LOGOS HOPE (The word Logos is Greek, traditionally meaning ‘word, thought, principle or speech’) was originally used as a car ferry in the North Alantic Ocean and has been repurposed to serve port communities around the world. The ship's purpose is to bring knowledge, help, and hope to each port she visits.

We had a look at the 'mock-up' version of the crew's cabin and beds. That would be their resting space while sailing on the seas.  Next, we were brought to the staff cafeteria where the crew have their meals. Sometimes, they also schedule to gather here for short meetings.

LOGOS HOPE's captain, Dirk Colenbrander was away for vacation when we were on board. We were briefed by the guide that at the age of eight, Dirk's dream was to be a deck officer as well as serve God. He did not feel this was possible at that time until he learns about the logos.

The main highlight of the guide was visiting the deck and the ship's bridge (room or platform from which the ship is commanded)! Too bad is was raining heavily and we could not stay on the deck to take better photos of the life boats.

Here is the ship's bridge! Captain is away but we got a good glimpse of the equipments. There are log books and captain's cap on the table!

The meters and buttons looked sophiscated to us. Gladys noticed a glass panel on the ground looking through the sea waters. The guide told us that this is used as a guide when they are docking.

Denver & Gladys put on the Captain's hat and they look really cool! Ah Hoy! Captain!

View from the ship's bridge door. :)

More tour around the various deck. With 400 crew on board, there is also a school for the children. We also learned about the ship's mission and brief history of the other 3 ships.

Logos Hope is currently looking for donations for its generators and to keep the ship afloat and the book fair running. -

Our last stop for the tour was the ship's theatre where many events and performances were held. It is amazing to see how this space was transformed from a car ferry holding area to what it is today!  

Before leaving LOGOS HOPE, Denver wrote a short message on the Captain's logbook. It has been an eye opener for our family and we learned a lot.

LOGOS HOPE will be departing Singapore and it's next stop will be Cebu, Philippines. Do pop by to Vivo City to have a look before it set sail to other countries!


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Thanks for the wonderful posts on the cruise ship. We are heading there tomorrow :)

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Thanks Ellena! Truly glad that the information is helpful to you. Have a great time on board!

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