Sunday, October 2, 2011

~ Relaxing @ DTE Chalet - Day 3 ~

25th September 2011 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLADYS! Our little princess was completely knocked out last night after having her cake. She was back to her energetic self once again after a good night sleep. Daddy and Mommy were still feeling restless though with body aching all over. Hahaha.

Gladys had a good look at her balloon and noticed a little card. She happily read the greetings aloud and blushed with a big smile. ^_^

We spent our morning playing Xbox games, swimming, snacking and packing up. The only outdoor activity that we had was enjoying the breath-taking acrobatic acts and cultural dance performances at the event square.

When it was time for stage games, Gladys was so eagered that she couldn't stop raising her hands. She was picked by the emcee twice and won prizes.

The acrobatic acts were cool and amazing winning the audience applause.

So what did Gladys won? Two House of Mini vouchers worth $3 each. With that, the children had the opportunity to decorate their own mini cupcakes.

First, we need to choose the flavour of the cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla). Then, we chose the icing and top fillings.

Watch Denver & Gladys decorating their cupcakes. :)

The final product which ends up in their tummies.

It's time for us to head home but we'll be back soon. ^_^

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