Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ Singapore Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer ~

Dining at hawker centres or food court is a very common sight and frequent routine for Singaporeans. Singapore is a food haven where you can enjoy different cuisine from all over the world. It is not difficult to find Western, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay or Indian dishes at the local eateries or restuarants.

Last week, we were at the Singapore Food Trail (located at the Singapore Flyer) to have a sneak peek of the 1960s themed, non-airconditioned food street which was officially opened in Feb 2011. It has many established old stalls selling Singapore's well-known hawker food that aims to brings back the good old memories.

At the entrance, we spotted swings and hop-scotch which were little games that we used to play in our younger days.

As the food street was designed in the 1960s theme, there are many old items on display that we were once so familiar with. Old telephone, type-writers, ice-maker, hot water bottles, posters, sewing machine and even the swinging old tins that were hanging on top as cashiers reminds me of the provision shops in the older days.

Denver and Gladys are so in touch with the latest technology that they have never seen a type-writer before. Most of the things look 'new' to them as we tries to explain our parents' history and lifestyle back then.

The main attraction of the food street is the various food stalls selling Singapore's local delights. Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodles, Kachiang Puteh, Popiah, Bak Ku Teh, Fried Oysters, Satays, Nasi Lemak are some of the hawker street food that we are so familiar with.

Since we already had our dinner, we settled for a bowl of Ice Ball (冰球) which cost $2.50. Father-in-law said that it used to cost only 5cents back then. (That is how inflation rates has rised over the past 50 years.) In addition, the traditional way of eating the ice ball is sucking from it instead of using the spoon.

It has been an eating and learning experience at the Singapore Food Trail and we may just come back again to try out the other local delights at the other food stalls.

Singapore Food Trail Opening Hours:
10:30am - 10:30pm (Sunday - Thursday)
10:30am - 11:30pm (Friday - Saturday)

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