Sunday, December 12, 2010

~ Moments @ SAF Changi Chalet - Day 3 ~

5th Dec (Sun) - Hubby has been 'recalled' back to work today so he missed out all the fun the kids had at the beach. Awwww.... :(

Finally...we were blessed with a sunny morning after all the heavy downpour and drizzling which we have experienced for the past 2 days. Instead of letting the children continue staying indoors and play with their games, it's time for some outdoor activities.

Bbil brought along his fishing rod and we took the children out for some 'fishing'. Well..not exactly. :) Basically it is just to let each of them have a feel and try on how to fish. We didn't catch any fishes of course.

Since we didn't have any luck with fishing, the children decided to play with the waters instead. Initially it was just walking by the shore and sinking their feet. Soon enough, Royston, Denver and Gladys started to get themselves all wet.

Jasper was so lucky to spot a crab (which just died) and the children started to get all excited grabbing it. Apart from dead crab, we saw dead fish as well.

Gladys is having a good time, enjoying herself as the waves splashes on her. She didn't even really mind the murky sea water getting into her mouth. Since she couldn't swim, I have been keeping an eye on her just to make sure she stays safe.

How are the boys doing? Royston is the first to sink himself into the waters. Denver follows suit while Jasper needed some encouragement from his daddy before joining in the party. Denver and Royston had a lot of fun especially when the waves came and hit on them. Kudos to them for their bravery as this is definitely different from swimming in the pool where the waters are clean. The boys didn't really get use to the salty waters but it is a rare and unforgettable experience for them.

After lunch, Gladys was so tired that she dozed off in the living hall. The hot afternoon sun really makes us sleepy. However, that doesn't stop her from going to the beach again. We were back to make sandcastles again in the evening.

It was low-tide and Gladys was able to pick up a stick and make sketches on the sand. She drew a very cute girl and Mommy helps to fill up the space with the different sea creatures. :)

Daddy was finally back from work after 5pm and he joined us at the beach. Apart from seashells, we saw a starfish and some dead jellyfish. Ewwww...

It has been a full day event at the beach and I'm so hot and busted. Second day of BBQ session also started after 4pm and we had another round of eating and drinking which lasted throughout the night.

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