Sunday, December 26, 2010

~ Melaka Trip (19th-20th Dec) - Day 1 (part 2) ~

After settling at the hotel, the drivers drove us around Melaka town and also through Jonker walk for the next hour. We passed by various hotels, shop houses, shopping malls and nearby places of interests.

We got off at Jonker Walk and started our walk through the busy streets. Roadside hawkers have started setting up their stalls selling various local delicacies, fashion wear, accessories, handicrafts, footwear and many others.

For us, we are only keen on trying out the various food.

Personally, I am not a durian lover but my hubby and children are. We happened to see a stall selling durian puffs and Hubby went over and bought some. It seems yummy and delicious enough as Denver & Gladys finishes theirs and fight over for the last piece. Hubby had to buy more to fulfil their appetite. :) Not to mention there is also a crowd who are keen on these puffs.

My personal favourite is the chendol! It is different from those that we have back home and it's definitely another must try in Melaka.

With all the walking, drinking and eating, Jonker Walk World Heritage Park is the right place to rest our tired feets and have a toilet break.

Next, continue with our food hunt and dinner.

Gosh! I have put on some weight already but really can't stop myself from eating. ^_^

We walked back to the hotel from Jonker Walk and had a good rest before heading out for a stroll in the night.

According to the sign, we are on the bank of the Sungi Melaka (Malacca river) opposite Kampung Morton. There are river cruises but we did not get on board since it was pretty late already. Perhaps next time.

Night view of the Melaka river

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