Monday, December 20, 2010

~ Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2010/2011 - The Wishing Sphere ~

If you have passed by Marina Bay waterfront recently, you would spot that it looks slightly different from usual. Yes! Thousands and thousands of white spheres are floating on the waters marked out by the buoy markers. Due to popular demand, the number of wishing spheres have doubled to 20,000 and they contain all the wishes, hopes and dreams each would like to pen for the New Year.

Important pointers to note : The spheres are made of plastic and non-biodegradable. Once the event is over on 1st Jan 2011, the wishing spheres will be removed and sent for recycling into new products. The marker pens used are non-toxic and free of chemicals.

We also pen our wishes down for the New Year and this is our first time in doing so. Denver wished that we will live a happy life together while Gladys started with an abstract artwork.

I couldn't make out what she is trying to draw initially but we figured she may want to wish for a greener world. (Not forgetting loving Mommy. ^_^) We wrote our wishes/dreams for the New Year and you can do it so! Apart from Singaporeans, tourists are also intrigued by this event and wrote down their well wishes in different languages. While writing, it is just as interesting to read others people wishes too. Some are quite meaningful while others are funny.

It's about 11 days to New Year and there are a series of celebrations lined up at the Marina Bay.  It has become a yearly event with Countdown party, Fireworks as we bid farewell for 2010.

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--andy-- said...

Marina Bay is the last place to be, Big Jams (nightmare for young kids haha). I will countdown at SK cc.

Phoebe said...

hahaha.. Agree!

I will countdown at my place. Will have party here too with fireworks :)

Skinny R said...

wow. getting more balls.

domokun said...

omg i went there few weeks ago lol i was in the marina sands hotel and i thought why would there so many white lotus in the lake omggggg i duno it was smt like this haha

Phoebe said...

Yes Richard.. More wishing sphere this year. :)

Hi domokun, there do look pretty. I wonder how it looks from the top of the hotel ^_^

marlowe said...

Yes, Marina Bay is in my top list... BTW you might be interested to check my Top 3 Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve Countdown in Singapore. Don't forget to leave some comments as well.. Cheers! :D

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