Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ Lower Peirce Reservoir ~

Last weekend, we wanted to drive down to Lower Seletar Reservoir (after dinner) but somehow we ended up at Lower Peirce Reservoir instead. :p Since we have never visited this catchment area before, we might as well have a look around at one of Singapore's oldest reservoir.

Lower Peirce Reservoir - Singapore's 2nd impounding reservoir was built in 1910 at the lower portion of Kallang Valley. It was originally known as Kallang River Reservoir but was renamed to Peirce Reservoir in commendation of the services by the Municipal Engineer, Robert Peirce. It was again renamed to Lower Peirce Reservoir after the construction of the Upper Peirce Reservoir.

As we were driving up to the reservoir, we spotted many long tail monkeys! There were dashing across the road and climbing on one of the lamp post. We stayed in our car and moved on as they disappear.

The sun starts to set and very soon darkness falls, we stayed on the main tracks watching people fishing by the reservoir. There are also a few joggers and we seem to spot a forest trail on the right but with the minimal lighting, it would be wiser and safer to stay on our path.

It is a place where people usually comes for a jog, to fish or simply have a walk around the reservoir. If you enjoy some peace and quiet and a unique tranquil and scenic setting, Lower Peirce Reservoir might be an option to consider.

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