Friday, November 26, 2010

~ Batam trip @ Harris Resort - Day 2 (Part 2) ~

The first thing we did upon reaching Nagoya Hill is buying half-dozen of donuts from J.CO. The children LOVES Donuts but we don't usually buy a lot in Singapore since it is quite expensive. Here, it cost 31,000 rupiah for half dozen (~77cents per piece) and 54,000 for a dozen (~67cents per piece). There are a lot of variety to choose from (Oreology, Tiramisu, Heaven Berry, Coco Loco, Why Nut, Hazel Dazzle, Cheese Me Up, Mango Blitz and many others. The children likes the chocolate flavoured donuts and I personally prefers the "Avocado Dicaprio".

At first, we bought half a dozen and finished all of them at once. Then we bought a dozen back to the resort before leaving the mall. :) They are so creamy and delicious and it was all gone before dinner time. YUMMY!

There is a food street within Nagoya Hill and we spotted A&W. This used to be one of the fast-food restaurant chain in Singapore. Especially famous for its Root Beer floats. Unfortunately, due to dwindling business, all the A&W outlets in Singapore was closed.

I missed and LOVE the root beer float! It is definitely a MUST taste drink on my list. Denver & Gladys are not familiar with A&W but they enjoyed the float as well. (because of the ice-cream topping.) :D

The pricing of the meals are comparable to that in Singapore. It ranges from $3-$6.50SGD. An ice-cream cone costs 4500 rupiah (~60cents) and the root bear float costs $12,500 rupiah (~$1.85 SGD). I would say to expect a typical fast food restaurant price you would expect to pay in Singapore. Then again, I enjoyed my root beer float. :)

Just opposite A&W is an Indonesian restaurant - AYAM PENYET RIA. I googled and found out that there is also an outlet at Lucky Plaza in Singapore. Hubby and I tried the Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken) and we thought it was ok only that the chicken is kinda small.

Ayam Penyet - 12,500 rupiah
Nasi Ayam (with rice) - 16,500 rupiah
Jus Alpukat (avocado juice) - 10,000 rupiah

Total damages for our lunch - 39,000 rupiah (~$5.8 SGD)

We walked around the mall after a heavy lunch. That is a lot of food within an hour time. :) We didn't have much luck with shopping though, probably due to the shortage of time. Plus I feel the prices are comparable to Singapore and hence we only window-shop and browse through some shops.
The bus came to pick us up on time and we are back to the resort at 3plus. The children went for another round of fishing as the sky starts to turn dark in the evening. It finally rains and it was a cooling night for us.

We had our free dinner (picked from the menu) at the Harris Cafe. A plate of keropok was served and we had rice with chicken, rice with black pepper beef, fried rice and noodles. To complete our meal, we also have a plate of fruits for each of us. The portion is big and we had difficulty finishing up our food.

Our package includes a free bowling game for 2 pax. Taking the opportunity that Gladys has already fallen asleep, I took Denver for his first bowling session. This is not the kiddo-version that he usually plays in the arcade. Denver was surprised with the weight of the bowling ball and even question me why I gave him such a heavy one. When I told him that was the lightest among all, he was so surprised. Hahahaha.

Denver's first ten-pin bowling experience with many styles. :)

Note: Harris has ten rows of bowling lanes and the rental of shoes cost $1.5SGD per pax (pay in SGD only). There is also a list of pricing for rental of other facilities or other games play.

Although it was a short game, Denver had a good time and he gets to learn how adults play bowling for real. :)


--andy-- said...

everytime I go Malaysia, I crave for A&W haha.
Seems like Singaporeans around our age are deprived of root-float haha

Phoebe said...

haha.. Ya! Seems like a must try for us. :) I saw there is a coke float at Texas Chicken outlet in SG.. but I guess still not the same as A&W. hehehe

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